North Korean Women's Soccer Screw-up - Olympics


Apparently when the players were introduced the South Korean flag was shown next to their names:

I can imagine they’d be a little touchy about that.

They’ve got every right to be pissed.

Wonder what happens if North and South Korea are put together in a match? Would they play?

Seriously, they had no choice but to stop the match, return to their locker room and await instructions from on high. The consequences for them were quite literally life or death.

I’m in New York State. I am not working but I was at a table with a woman from Brazil, one from (I think Taiwan), a guy from Japan and my SO and I. So they’ve been working all day, but we were eating where there was a tv going and we all started talking about the Olympics. We were talking about Phelps and greatest Olympic moments…and I realized they hadn’t seen it yet.

So I told them what happened and everyone’s eye’s bugged out and jaws dropped.

My comment: “Jeebus, London!!!??? Are you Texas???”
Some one is getting fired for that one.

We’ve played each other before in friendly matches.