North Korea's Air Koryo: The World's One-Star Airline

Yes, but it’s extraordinary vomit. It’s the Dear Leader’s vomit, a great delicacy that you would be blessed to taste!

I’m an Air China veteran myself. Have flown it inside China and between China and Bangkok. I agree it’s pretty decent. Never encountered any problems.

I don’t know what you guys are complaining about? A quick read through the customer reviews shows that they are mostly positive. As far as the picture of the food, I guess since their flights are mostly short haul from NK to China, that’s more than the pretzel you usually get from a similar short haul flight in the US.

White People’s Problems, I tell ya.

I’d rather have pretzels in a bag, than pretzels that have already been chewed and partially digested by the flight attendants.

Link? Because I can’t seem to find it.

The photos are at the bottom of Air Koryo’s Wikipedia page.

That just means you don’t appreciate first class service. Only working class peasants chew their own food.

“I think one of the engines may have been inoperative, but otherwise the flight was fine.”

I love the safety video.

Well, once you get past that, it’s pretty standard stuff.

Just wondering though–how does the “we rely upon ourselves” Juche ideal reconcile with the “we have to buy aircraft from Russia” and “we have to buy jet fuel from China” reality?

“In the event of an in-flight emergency, large, jagged holes will appear randomly throughout the cabin for your comfort and convenience.”

thanks to Steve Dutra

“As I was sat quite far back in the Il-62, it was right next to the engines, and I’ll never forget the feeling of impending dread and doom as we descended down to Sunan Airport.” :smiley:

Hysterical: The page that came up had an advert for a running shoe / sneaker / trainer that I’d seen before when a friend posted a link. Its logo? A sperm. No kidding.

So I thought the link was broken and tried it again. Same sperm logo!

I have flown Air Koryo from Beijing to Pyongyang (on an IL-62) and it was fine. The takeoff on a hot August day was long and shallow… thus a bit on the scary side, but the flight and service were perfectly fine.

I’m just guessing that descending was what the plane was best at – so, no worries!

Yikes! I’m in the process of planning a tour of North Korea with Koryo Tours within the next 6-12 months. Wonder if they use Air Koryo or a Chinese airline.

Take lots of photos!

And hope they don’t arrest you as a spy!

Both. But you’ll probably be on Air Koryo in at least one direction.