North of the north pole?

What is the north of the north pole?

Nothing - there is no such place. I’ve only ever heard the expression used as analogy for ‘what is beyond the edge of the universe?’

I wonder if you could argue that there’s a point “north of the north pole” relative to the speaker rather than the pole itself, as in if somebody told me to head north and stop a hundred yards past the pole.

It’d be south of the north pole, but… aarr fuggedit.

If you move North from the (Magnetic) North Pole, to the (Geographic) North pole then mostly whats there is ice & snow.

With a helicopter I could go North of either North Pole quite easily.

That is until I ran out of air :slight_smile:

That’s not north, it’s above; quite a different direction.

the south russian?

You never want to go north of the north pole – the temperature drops below absolute zero there! :wink:

All the angels dancing on the head of a pin and the only sound you hear is the sound of one hand clapping.

For our own good, we are not allowed to know what is north of the North Pole. The non-Euclidean geometry of the space there twists our minds and leads to madness.

And it’s even worse south of the South Pole.

Oh, wait a minute, I know this one! Er, the color of the bear is white?

Because they can’t get the wrappers off!

If you stand on the North Pole, any direction you move to is South

The Garden of Eden, one of the lost tribes of Israel, and a monorail.

I’ve heard it as an analogy for ‘What was before the big bang?’

[The Great Karnak]What are a place that was groovin’, Reuven, and Disney people movin’?[/The Great Karnac]

North of North Pole is Beaver. You can look it up. North Pole, Alaska is a city of about 1600 folks, near Fairbanks. It’s quite a ways south of the magnetic and geographic north poles. If you mail a letter to “Santa Claus, North Pole”, this is where it goes. The city hires a loyal troupe of helpers every year to answer all those letters.

Why does nobody ever ask “What’s south of the South Pole?”

Because that’s an analogy for the Big Crunch, instead, and that hasn’t happened yet (nor does it appear that it will).


Because we know the answer to that one.