Northern VA dopers .... crisis help needed :(

Ok I’m terrified to post this, but I’m desperate.

I need some help. My basement flooded this weekend and I need to go through … well… imagine a building after it’s been bombed, and then pour some water on it and you’ll get the general idea.

I am hiring some guys from the high school football team to actually haul stuff out of the basement and into a dumpster (which I’m having the garbage folks deliver) but I can’t do that until I’ve gone through the stuff in the basement and rescued what there is to be rescued. 90% of the stuff was intended to be gotten rid of anyway, but there are some things…books…photo albums…sentimental stuff… that I really want to salvage. The basement is filled with a very disorganized heap of unlabelled, poorly packed boxes. I need to open them, pull out what needs to be kept, then organize all the stuff that is destined for the trash into one area of the basement so the guys can easily haul it out.

There is a lot of stuff to go through. It smells bad. (I have four very naughty cats, do the math…) Now that it’s all wet, my situation has become critical and I’m being forced to do something I needed to do long ago anyway (we basically “don’t go down there” as it is… we’re professional procrastinators and believers in the “maybe if I pretend it doesn’t exist, it will just go away” philosophy.)

So here is the deal… I can provide gloves, pizza, soda, beer & wine, and a little cash for gas, pain & suffering… but I need some help. My husband is in Germany until August 15, so I’m here by myself (well, Dominic is here but he’s only 7.) Dominic’s room has a TV, Playstation2, and various toys and distractions for kids if you need to bring any along.

Anyone in/near the Northern Virginia area brave enough to rally?

I’m very scared about posting this after the Persephone thing… please don’t hate me… please… please… if you already hated me, please just move along… I know this is my (and my husband’s) fault and I know that we’re major losers and horrible housekeepers… we’re really trying to change that, though.* Please don’t use this thread to rag on me for this stuff… trust me I feel ashamed enough already.

starting in August I should actually have an income*, and we’re going to pay someone to help with the cleaning twice a month. A friend of mine’s aunt just moved here from the Phililipines and is looking for this kind of work, so we’re going to hire her. I’ve also gotten much better about taking care of various other chores in the house and I have an actual plan of attack for improvement. Really I do. Check back in 6 months–you’ll be so proud of me!


Sorry, Opal, no can do.

Sorry for your troubles, though… Bummer.

I’d be there if I lived near you. Really.

Know any college kids? They’ll walk on hot coals for free pizza and alcohol!

When did you want to do this? Tonight? Tomorrow?

I’m IMing ya, but I failed your spambot test. Will try again.

Oops, I should add my AIM name is SirHappy70. If you can, find me there, if not, you can also email me . . .

I’m not sure. Wednesday evening? Friday? Saturday? I don’t want to wait too long but at the same time, I know it’s hard to make plans…

True. I don’t have anything going on this week that I know of, and for once I’m gonna be at home over the weekend. So any day is fine.

Ok what about Wednesday, as early as you (any of you?) can get here?

AIM lilmisstramp… I’m moving this week but I might be able to come over.

I can be there around 6.

It’s supposed to take me 45 minutes to get to Centreville, but then again I’ll need to take the Beltway. During rush hour.

So far I have one person coming sometime during the day, (not sure how long she is staying), two people coming at 6, another coming at an as-yet-undetermined time, and one more is a “maybe” leaning toward “probably not”.

If’n I was still in the area I’d hop on over for as long as I could stay away, but I moved officially this past January, so…:frowning:

Moved, I should clarify, ~450 miles away.

But Dorothy, you’ve always been able to get home…

While I have any number of strawmen (snatched from other posters, natch;)), my cowardly lion is two kittens who try to run outside, my tin man is a busted lawnmower and my Wizard is a Chicago columnist who doesn’t acknowledge my presence;)

Mike Royko? I’m sure if you toss him a fiver…

hi Opal

tonight is my turn for barn duty, but if i make enough stuff now so hubby can feed himself tomorrow, i may be able to show up then. Woodbridge to Centreville should let me get there around 6sh pm (barring traffic from hell) once i get home from work.

i need to de-dump my own home, so maybe working on yours will help inspire me. e-mail addy is in profile. lemme know/send directions.

I’ll help you do yours if you help me do mine! :slight_smile:


Wednesday wouldn’t be great for me, but Saturday is probably doable if everything doesn’t get done tomorrow. Email’s in my profile if you’re interested.

I promise not to injure your hand [badly] this time around :wink:

Emailed ya :slight_smile: Thanks.