Norway = Alderaan

Princess Leia (well, Leah) is Norwegian.

I have a bad feeling about this; Norway ought to look out for new moons in its vicinity.

(this might be more MPSIMS-ish, move it at will)

I guess we know who the King of the Geeks really is now.

Actually, Norway = Hoth

And I thought Alderaan looked a bit like Disneyworld.

I thought it looked like Druidia. Which was oddly appropriate.

Too bad baby Leah doesn’t have a fraternal twin brother.
FWIW, the background shots for the Battle of Hoth was shot in Finse, Norway, and those good-looking Rebel Echo Base forces firing at the AT-AT Walkers from behind their modest ground fortifications were mostly Norwegian Mountain Rescue skiers (as detailed in several bullet-points in the list). A couple of the extras went on to become Norwegian celebrities for their post-“Empire” accomplishments.