Norwegians are the noblest, most virtuous people on earth!

I have proof of this contention:

No other nation equals Norway in virtue and personal nobility.

Nope, I’m not Norwegian and I don’t have Norwegian relatives.

Or at least it shows they have good taste.

My brother-in-law is Norwegian. He is the biggest alcoholic, abusive, racist flaming asshole Republican on any three planets. But that’s just the opinion of everyone who meets him.

Speaking of Norwegians with good taste:

I’m Swedish and Norwegian. And I’m a good egg. Really!

I should note that our corporate attorney is also Norwegian and a very nice person. Actually, there are tons of folks of Norwegian descent here in Anchorage. There’s even a “Sons of Norway” lodge. My B-I-L is just some sort of Bizarro World Scandahoovian.

I thought you’d found something like this. :slight_smile: (Nope, I’m not voting Conservative, but for the first time I’m almost tempted to.)

There’s a sinister undertone in the article from the OP:

Compare with this one. Our nobility wears thin pretty quickly if you’re not from a wealthy part of the world :frowning:

Mother’s side was mostly Norwegian…the source of many family in-jokes over the years.
I loved your links, hildea. I had never heard of the expression “bent days” and got a good chuckle out of that.

But as far as the “sinister undertone”…I wouldn’t worry. Compared to other Western European countries, and the US, Norway seems to be quite decent to their foreign populace. And even the story about the farmer grossly underpaying the day workers was mild in comparison to the horrors of other countries.

When I lived in Berlin, a friend of mine was from Norway and I learned a lot about the country talking to him. We used to do some Gay bar hopping together. Noble and virtuous he was, but he was also quite the party boy…it was never boring when we would go out together. And once when he had some friends come down to Berlin from Norway, well…some stories are meant to remain hushed legends.