Nose hair trimmers with oscillating, end-in blades?

My favorite nose hair trimmer has died, and I’m mourning. This thing did such a nice job.

It was a Remington and cost maybe $10. Its blades were oscillating, and they cut end on, like a chisel. They were maybe 5 mm wide.

Now all I can find are rotary ones, and oscillating ones that cut on the side. I’ve had several rotary ones and they all cut me (bad enough that they make me cry on one side only, but they also don’t do a thorough job). And I have a side-oscillating one that cuts too close and causes ingrown hairs.

This stupid loss has turned into a little quality-of-life issue. There must be a hundred different brands that all cut the same way; doesn’t anybody make one like this anymore? Tried online including at Remington, and in stores.