Nostril hair sketch

I saw a sketch many years ago about a man who forgot to trim his nostril hair. I don’t think it was Monty Python, but I’m not certain. I’m sure it was not the SNL sketch about the man who ran a nostril hair trimming stand. IIRC there was no dialogue. I’m not certain about that.

In the sketch, a man forgets to trim his nostril hair. He gets on a bus (?) and his nostril hair is growing rapidly. Eventually it looks like a moustache. I think it got so long that he pulled it up and wore it on his head.

Ring any bells?

The Vacant Lot?

Missed edit: (potato-quality) video.

I’m in the office today, so I have no audio. I can see that it has dialogue, though. That looks like the sketch I vaguely remember. Thanks!

Man, I don’t remember The Vacant Lot at all. And I thought Fridays was obscure! (I’d like to see the PSA about Driving While Deceased again.)