Not a fan, but curious about the Rose Bowl game (and parade).

So, I understand, from listening to traffic reports on the radio yesterday that the Rose Bowl game was played last night.

It has always been my understanding in the past, that the entire purpose for having the Rose Bowl game was so the people of the city of Pasadena could celebrate the fact that that boring-ass parade was finally over. So did they wait until yesterday morning to have the Rose Parade?

I suspect that the answer to that is “No,” on account of it would be REALLY impractical to have a huge parade on a weekday that isn’t even a holiday.

Presuming that I’m correct in that supposition, did they also have a regular Rose Bowl Game? 'Cos if you’re going to celebrate a parade being over, it would strike me as kinda anti-climactic to wait five days. It just seems that the level of elation and excitement might drain off some. ESPECIALLY if people have to go to work and stuff.

So what’s the story here?

Ummm, the parade was the morning of January 1st. It’s always on the 1st, unless that day is Sunday, in which case parade and game are held next day.

Maybe you saw a rerun. Was it on HGTV? They broadcast it without commercials.

I didn’t see anything at all. I hate parades, and would never watch one. But I heard that there was a Rose Bowl game yesterday, so I wondered if there was also a parade yesterday.

Or alternatively, if there was also a Rose Bowl game on January 1, and maybe the one yesterday was a SECOND Rose Bowl game.

Yesterday wasn’t the Rose Bowl. The actual Rose Bowl game was on New Year’s Day. Yesterday was the national championship game, which was played in the same stadium.

Yesterday was the BCS National Championship game that was played in the Rose Bowl (the stadium). The Rose Bowl (the game) was played on January 1, as usual.

Oh, okay.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


The confusion lies in the naming convention, I presume.

The stadium is called the Rose Bowl. The game played every year in the Rose Bowl is called the Rose Bowl Game (that is its official name, though typically shortened to be the same as the stadium).

The Bowl Championship Series Championship Game was given to the stadiums that hosted the BCS bowl games on a rotating schedule. This year it was hosted by the Rose Bowl. Therefore, there were two games hosted in the Rose Bowl (the stadium). The first was the Rose Bowl Game on 1 January, and the second was the BCS Championship last night.

Yeah, those sticks in the mud down in Pasadena need to get with the times and sell naming rights to a corporate sponsor! We wouldn’t have had this problem if the game last night had been the “BCS Championship from Staduim!”


There have actually been two instances in recent years when the Rose Bowl Game was played after January 1 or 2. From 1999 through 2006, the National Championship Game rotated between the Rose Bowl and three other bowl games. The game which hosted the championship game that year would generally be played on January 3 (or sometimes on January 4), while the other three games would be played on January 1 or 2. The Rose Bowl would always be played in the afternoon on January 1, except when it was its turn to host the championship game. Therefore, the 2002 and 2006 Rose Bowls (when the Rose Bowl served as the championship game) were played a couple of days after New Year’s Day.

Starting in 2007, the National Championship game has been played separately from the bowl games, although it still rotates between the four bowl game sites. Therefore, when it is the Rose Bowl’s turn to host the championship game, the Rose Bowl Game is still played on January 1, but the national championship game is played separately at the Rose Bowl stadium a few days later.

And next year all of that will change, because the BCS is history and there will be a 4-team playoff to determine the National Champion.