Not a member, not a mod, but a blank?

I was just reading through a few threads, and I’ve noticed more than a few posters who don’t have any kind of label. Most posters have the label “Member”, but I’ve seen a few posters who don’t have anything listed for them under their names.

Some that I’ve noticed:

Ukulele Ike

Now, I don’t know if this is a glitch with my browser or with a the boards or what, but it seems to happen everytime I go to the boards. Anyone know what’s up?

Sorry if this has been brought up already…I haven’t seen any current threads about it, and I’m just wondering.

Yup, it’s something the admins know about. Check out this thread:

This is simply a TwistoFate. TheMightyTikiGod “Ukulele Ike” has never played Kricket on this board. We say “spooje” on him!

Oh man, I just noticed this 5 minutes ago! It was the weirdest thing. I’m sitting at my computer and I notice the blanks and I’m like “What?”. I check a few more threads and find like 20 people missing it. Bizarro.

Just so we can keep all of the discussion in one place, at the (larger) thread mentioned by AudreyK, I’m locking this one.