Not a significant source of vitimin C

I stopped in a drug store this morning to select a juice and noticed a brand I hadn’t seen before. The label had a banner proclaiming that the bottle contained one serving of fruit. Because I prefer to drink juice which contains vitimin C, I looked at the label. The label mentions some A and one B, but it also said there’s no significant C. WTF? I thought the purpose of eating fruit is to get that C! What’s the point of the “one serving of fruit” banner on the label if there is hardly any inside?

Well, not all fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. Apple and grape juices are bases for a lot of mixed juice drinks and neither one has very much C. If you want vitamin C in your juice, look for citrus or fortified juices.

Look for fortified juice. The bulk of Vitamin C in citrus fruit comes from the membranes in the fruit, not the juice. So unless you’re drinking fortified juice (most is, as far as I know) you’re not getting much Vitamin C.