Not all calories the same

Right off I want to apologize for bringing this overdone subject up but this news report sheds some actual light on the question. The report is about this just published JAMA article.

From the news report version:

From the actual JAMA article:

(REE=Resting energy expenditure; TEE=total energy expenditure)

An editorial in the same issue has criticisms of the study but not with the concept that not all calories are the same from a metabolic perspective. One criticism was that such is already known, it is already known

The editorialist bottom line is that not all calories are the same but calories still matter most:

Honestly I am not so interested in debating this again but thought some here would find it of interest. Enjoy.

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting study!

That is interesting.

I think a lot of the problem with figuring this stuff out is that everyone is different.

Some people do great and lose weight on low-fat diets. Others don’t. Low-carb works for some but not others.

Ditto all of the various routines that have come and gone. Why do “fad diets” become so popular when they don’t work? Because they do work for some people. Just not everyone.

A very informed analysis of the study. I have nothing to add to it.

I get a nutritionist consult every couple of years to tweak my nutritional plan, the endocrinologist has a very good educational section. I find it very helpful even though I don’t learn anything new, but it helps keep my glucose controlled better than just drugs alone.

I do find it somewhat amusing that the pre-insulin manner of controlling diabetes was actually going as low carb and low calorie as possible. We are finally free of the standard food pyramid and being given lower carb profiles now. [though I piss mine off because I refuse to go with margarine and use real butter, and refuse skim crap milk and go with 2%. I feel real food and in moderation is better than fake and modified crap.]

I think that in 50 or 100 years time, it will be common wisdom that refined carbs are about the worst thing you can possibly eat (up there with transfats, probably).

They are just so engrained into our culture it’s hard for us to grapple with it and realize it. Refined carbohydrates are such a staple for people around the world, and for desserts, it’s hard for us to fess up to the idea that they don’t really belong in our diet if we can help it.

I am not a fan of fad diets like Atkins or the Paleo stuff, but I think there is a lot of wisdom to reducing the number of “white” carbs from things like potatoes, bread and rice. I know that when I lose weight, I lose it easiest by going on a low carb diet, and eating lots of healthy protein and vegetables.