Not all heroes wear capes, some of them don’t even wear bikini tops

Awesome woman saves family of three from drowning while sunbathing. Thank you Cornwall Live for a little bit of fun in the midst of disaster.

And who knew that more than pirates lived in Penzance.

From the link.

Damn, what a beast.*

*in a good way.

I don’t know what to say, but this can only come from one of the boobs-fixated British news outlets. I mean, that’s so mundane, a topless woman at the beach :scream:. What should she have done? Bother with putting on her top before rescuing the people? As a continental European who has been accustomed to topless women on beaches without falling into a drooling fit since the early 80s, the aspect of nudity is a non-story.

In the USA and likely much of the UK nude sunbathing is illegal except for a few hidden locations. Nothing like a little titillation to sell newspapers. :smiley:

Yeah, and that’s a problem with the UK press. Too much boobs, too little facts and stories that are worth the printing.

Woman saves three people, and all folks talk about is she was topless. Then again she seems to be perfectly good-natured about it so props to her for responding when it counted and letting it slide off her back.

I know if I’m about to be swept to sea by a riptide I don’t care if my rescuer is in full wetsuit or letting it ALL hang out.

And one has to acknowledge how the tab press and the way people express themselves in social media are a fine example of convergent (d)evolution:


OTOH you know what? You do you, Cornishpeople.

Never mind.

Norks? Dear Lord.

I wanted to make a similar comment, but I forgot what it was. On purpose. :slight_smile:

Perhaps her extra flotation capability made all the difference in her commendable rescue of the drowning family.

Waitaminnit. This took place at a naturist beach and she had her bikini bottom on?

Why would a family be drowning while topless? Is there something about not having a top that makes you unable to swim?

That line written by the author of the article. Perhaps there were buoyancy issues. :drooling_face:

Thankfully the heroine wasn’t in a headless bar. Imagine the headlines from that.

Please reread. She put it on before jumping into the water.

Presumably she was getting ready to leave, as she had just put her bottom on.

Top of the mornin’ to you… and her!