Not asking, before hand, about "market price" on the menu

I still find this story humorous, and my family still teases me about it!

Scene: Valentines Day, 2000
Location: Del Frisco’s, Dallas, TX

My ex-boyfriend and I decide to go out for Valentines dinner and we decide to invite my mom and stepdad. I decide I want to go to Del Frisco’s (a pricey restaurant in Dallas). Let me just tell you now that I don’t eat beef and Del Frisco’s is well known for their steaks. Anyway, I order the lobster, order a side of asparagus, have a few bourbon and cokes. The folks each order steaks and sides; the ex orders a steak and a side. At the end of the evening the bill comes…that is when we find out that my lobster (by itself) comes to $100, yes that is $100! Now, I knew that we would probably pay about $150 just for me and the ex…but our total bill (for all 4) was close to $400 because of the lobster. Granted the lobster was a bit larger than the ones you find at the market…but $100, wow! I am thankful to have such wonderful parents, they paid the full bill. I still joke about the $100 lobster till this day.

I would love to hear other similar stories!

My 31[sup]st[/sup] Birthday Dinner Menu at Chez Louis;[ul][li]Bienville Oysters[/li][sup]Flown in from Spain.[/sup]

[li]A second plate of Bienville Oysters[/li][sup]The first time I had ever enjoyed fresh oysters.[/sup]

[li]Some other appetizer I ordered[/li][sup]The oysters outshone it by far.[/sup]

[li]Salads[/li][sup]I forget what sort[/sup]

[li]Her: Medallions of New Zealand Lamb[/li]
[li]Me: Noisettes of Venison in a Burgundy and Cognac Sauce[/li]
[li]Split Dessert[/li][sup]Something divine.[/sup]

[li]Glasses of Wine[/ul]Total with tip; $100.[sup]00[/sup][/li]
Quite simply one of the finer meals that I have ever had.

Methinks you got pinched for the lobster.

I went to a Greek place in the Farminton Hills area of Michigan a few years back and saw they had Greek rack of lamb. I figured “Greek place:Greek rack of lamb…gotta be good” right? It was, but it was also market price.

I don’t recall exactly, but it was very close to $40 just for the lamb. They were tasty, though.

Hard to explain a $70 dinner to the secretary reviewing my expense report, though!

Read about the time I got rooked for some ice cream.