Not being able to breathe for two days is making me lose my MIND!!

So I’m sick. Whenever I’m sick I always think to myself that I’d rather have a different kind of sickness, any kind of sickness, than the one I’ve got. But this time I mean it. What one do I have? Haven’t been able to breathe for 2 days I’m so stuffed up. For me, that’s pretty much torture. I’m addicted to nose sprays anyway because I used them so long I started to get rebound effect, and now I can’t stop. I hate being congested SO MUCH, I’d rather use those stupid sprays until the end of my days than go without being able to breathe. But this thing I’ve got now? Even the sprays only give under an hour of relief! Then I’m back to not being able to breathe! I was up every hour on the hour last night because I couldn’t f’n breathe. And of course my head feels like it’s going to explode from all the nose blowing. Oh, and my bulging disc in my back? It’s LOVING being on the couch for two days straight. I’m not in pain AT ALL. I certainly don’t feel like I’ve got a red hot poker being jammed in my lower back repeatedly. I love being numb in my lower legs!

I’m a trial attorney and had to continue a trial I have set for today because there’s no way in HELL I can go into work like this. I tried going to court yesterday and lasted an hour before I was fighting back tears, along with hot flashes. It’s that bad. I’ve tried holding my head over a steam bowl, I do a sinus rinse 2 to 3 times a day, I’ve taken boatloads of Sudafed, NOTHING WORKS!!!

I’m slowly and steadily losing my mind here. :frowning:

I had a patient who was quite addicted to afrin-type nasal sprays.

It took 10 days of moderately high dose oral prednisone, combined with a topical steroid spray, an anticholinergic nasal spray (ipatropium), and saline nasal irrigation to break his habit.

But it indeed got broken.

Sounds like my last nasal infection. Have you seen a Doctor?

Wow, really? It’s the combination of the typical cold congestion and rebound congestion that’s killing me. I’m using the sprays like crazy right now because I simply cannot hang without using anything. The thought that this could be making me MORE addicted to the nasal sprays scares me. I used to use them once every eight hours. Right now? I’m using a weaker brand once an hour, pretty much, since I only get about 30 to 40 minutes of relief after using it.

Haven’t seen a doctor yet, I just sent mine an email. She’s great, and hopefully I’ll hear back from her tomorrow. The congestion is so bad, I can’t eat or sleep unless I just used the spray (so sleeping is…spray, go to sleep. Wake up 40 minutes later. Spray. Go to sleep. Wake up 40 minutes later. So on and so on.)

Have you tried using a neti pot, or even just snarfing some salt water up your nose? Or going for a swim in a chlorinated pool?

This doesn’t generally help me if I’m in a spot because of nasal spray, but AFAIK it won’t hurt anything to try. The worst that can happen is nothing.

Be careful what you wish for. I had a cold recently. It did something to my ears, though. I can’t pop them. Every time I sneeze, my eardrums hurt. And the change from my 20th-floor apartment to the subway, then to work even higher up than the apartment, is KILLING ME.

Not that we’re in competition or anything. I’ll feel bad for you if you’ll feel bad for me. :wink:

I’m doing it 2 to 3 times a day. Doesn’t do anything.

It won’t do much at all in the face of all the vasoconstrictors you’re using in your nose.

It will help minimize the risk of mucosal breakdown though, so that’s one benefit.

How about putting hot sauce on everthing. I knew a pregnant woman and her doctor told her not to take anything if possible. So she wouldn’t consider anything even remotely medical. But she had a cold, so I told her to put hot sauce on everything. It caused her nose to run.

You’re probably too far gone for this, but eating hot food does help some people

I just popped some popcorn and put a bunch of cayenne pepper on it. Considering I can’t breathe through my nose, I just coughed nonstop and almost choked to death from the pepper. Didn’t help. :frowning:

My bf is bringing home some plain saline spray at lunch so hopefully I’ll be able to tell if it’s just spraying something in my nose that’s giving me relief (between my regular steroid dosage times) or if i’m really NEEDING the steroid that often. If it’s the latter, I’m in big trouble. :frowning:

Oh God, I feel your pain. You almost get a sense of panic because you can’t breathe. The next time it happens to me I think I’ll go see a doctor. Anything I don’t need a prescription for doesn’t help. It drives me mad!

My nasal passages constrict so much that water doesn’t make it to the other side if I use a neti pot.

Interesting. Is breathing through your mouth when you’re really stuffed up unusual? Just curious, because that’s how I’ve been since a kid (had lots of nasal problems) so perhaps it’s something I learned. I can’t imagine even trying to breathe through my nose when I get a cold. It’s nigh impossible.

I feel your pain, I am the queen of allergies. Mine started Saturday night and by Sunday night I was wishing for death.

My go to drug is Sudafed, the behind the counter 24 hour kind. After 24 hours, I was still in pain. I have an emergency stash of Prednisone along with a Prednisone taking schedule from my allergist. You can’t willy nilly take this medicine.

I am now enjoying complete relief after 3 doses. It makes me hyper though. Prednisone is your answer. If your doctor agrees you will enjoy life again very soon!

Also, do keep up with the netti pot. It helps, but isn’t a total cure.

For me, when I’m forced to breathe through my nose my mouth gets super dry, to the point where I get a coating on the roof of my mouth. It’s uncomforatable enough that I can’t sleep at all, I keep waking up. Plus, eating when I can’t breathe through my nose is pretty hard to do when I don’t want to gross out my bf.

I’ll ask my doctor about that. She emailed me back today basically saying “suck it up, and don’t take those sprays for more than 3 days because it will cause rebound effect.” Really? I had no idea, especially since I said right in the email that I’d been taking the sprays for over a year now because I have bad rebound effect.. That’s for listening, doc. :rolleyes:

how about contacting your doc, getting guaifenesin and nasonex, and using your neti pot for soothing. Or try getting the doc to do QtM’s procedure for weaning you off the nose drops …and then NEVER USING THEM AGAIN without the doc prescribing them so you don’t get re-addicted?

Or use the neti, and mucinex/guaifenesin and NO nose drops and tough it out?


3 years ago, around springtime, my nose was constantly stuffed up and I was in misery. I became addicted to the sudafed and nasal spray. I still couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t sleep. I used to go into the living room in the middle of the night and put DVDs of TV shows on and press the ‘play all’ function. I would lie there until the sun rose and I fell asleep for maybe an hour and a half in the morning.

Then I really couldn’t breathe out of my left nostril. Not one bit. I went to doctor and a tumor had grown up inside my nose blocking the nasal passage! They had to remove a couple days later. It was a huge (for something inside your nose) and disgusting but just let me say one thing…

…the second she cut it out I could breathe again. And for some reason the other nostril cleared up that day also. It was phenomenal. May you experience true breathing again.

Toughing it out is not an option. I’ve tried that, many times. If it had worked, I wouldn’t be in this pickle. I emailed my doc again and asked her about the predinsone. I’ve really got to do something. Hep, that’s so scary! Do they know what caused it at all? I know what you mean about sitting in the front room, I almost did that last night, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much when I’m awake as when I’m trying to sleep. I’m actually starting to dread bedtime because I know it’s going to be 8 hours of frustration and getting up and down repeatedly all night long. :frowning: Plus, I’m keeping my bf up all night too, and feel terrible about it.

lezlers, if i remember correctly, the doctor said (the basic definition of a tumor) that sometimes cells just grow abnormally without any reason they can pinpoint. I didn’t really care either way because everything went fine and it was benign and I could breathe

However I am inclined to blame the sudafed, don’t ask me why, and I’ve never looked into it but I, had never taken that much before and it just felt like that was the reason.

On another note, my stress physically manifests itself; I’ve had a clicking sound when I swallow, a sensation of burning on the tip of my tongue throughout the day, “something” caught in the back of my throat. All of them had no cause, the last one I even had a scan done (back when I had health insurance) they saw nothing. All of these maladies were separate and at different times in my life. I find it hard to believe my body could produce a tumor though, and yet it did happen during probably the most stressful time of my life.