not enough votes

What would happen during the election, if not enough electoral votes came in for both candidates?

If neither candidate gets the necessary Electoral votes (one half + one), the election gets kicked to the House of Representatives. See this site for the gory details.

I think the question really is what would happen if no candidate for president achieved the minimum number of ewlectoral votes required to be declared the winner. (The electoral vote rquired is 270.)


Each state gets one vote, but how does that one vote arise? Does the entire delegation vote, and whoever has the majority from that state’s delegation gets the one vote?

Yep. That’s why it gets strange. The whole state of California, for example, could have been hit by a wave of sanity, and voted for Bush in the next election. No-one gets an absolute majority of electoral votes, so now California’s Reps get into the act. Seeing as how they are primarily Democrat, they vote that way, and the will of the people is subverted. Or vice versa. Or they all go nuts and vote Nader. But the Reps. vote among themselves, and then cast the state’s vote.