Not just MeanOldLady - It's effecting us all now

It effected MeanOldLady and she talked about it in Your fat is spilling into my seat. Well now the “Fattening of America” is going to effect us all.

In Tuesday’s Washington Post, there is an article Airlines Told to Adjust For Heavier Passengers. This article says “after months of surveying, the FAA said yesterday that the average airline passenger now weighs almost 21 pounds more than in 1995 and is carrying heavier bags.” As a result, this will “force small planes to leave seats empty or leave cargo or bags behind.” Larger planes will most likely not be effected except “at high-altitude airports and in hot, humid weather, when aerodynamic lift is less.”

Airlines have three options, as listed in the article:
[li]Leave cargo behind[/li][li]Leave bags behind[/li][li]Leave passengers behind[/li][/list=1]
They all sucks since (in my opinion),
Option 1 - results in airlines loosing money so tickets cost more
Option 2 - airlines piss off passengers - I hope it’s not me
Option 3 - airlines loose money so tickets cost more

Now I’m sure some will say I am fat bashing but I am not. I am blaming EVERYBODY (well, average EVERYBODY). Some people are carrying more weight on themselves, others are carrying more weight in their bags (of course, on average).

So now it will be harder to get some flights (small planes already have fewer seats) or my bag may be left behind. So, loose some fucking weight and pack less. You don’t need half the things in your bag and if you really really need it, they have stores where you are going.

My average self is highly offended by your accusations. Sure, I’ve gained about 20 pounds since 1995, but I’ve always compensated by packing less luggage.

Fatbasher. And to think I can’t even be blamed for it, cause I’ve got a glandular problem.

[sub]In reality, I actually carry a lot more now than in 1995, when I was a poor student who hardly ever flew. So, I guess the real question is, given the fact that I carry no more than 20 kilos of check-in and 7 kilos of carry-on luggage, is my personal weight of 100 kilos above or below average?[/sub]

Coldfire, my average self is slightly offended by your average accusations.

Ok, so you check 20 kilos and carry-on 7 kilos. I would recommend staying away - FAR AWAY - from the drug-sniffing dogs. What is the street value of 27 kilos?

Bah, they should just go to charging by the kilo. Make the passenger step up to the scale and scale the ticket price accordingly. I look forward to discounts on this system. Or more personal baggage.

Well, the article does say “Airlines still have the option of weighing each passenger and bag individually.”

Excellent! Best news in years.

Affect, not effect.

I don’t know why people would want to lug stuff around in an airport anyway. If you can’t carry it on in one bag, send it ahead! It’s more convenient, and you won’t tip the plane!

Yeah, I realized the typo right after I posted. :frowning:

Think how many more kids there would be on flights… :eek:

No way - then I’d have to pay extra for my lead lined suit that I need to protect me from cosmic rays

Hmm, kids.

A wrinkle I had not thought of.


And piffle to your bloody lead suit, pay business class you inconsiderate exploiter you, lead lines chairs.

Kids should be kept in carriers like animals and put in baggage, instead of next to me, screaming, poking and drooling. Gah!

But as a good exploiter of the masses I want to freeload by taking up space that they’ve paid for! If I fly business, I’ll be paying my way! What the hell are you thinking of man?

Well, the airline industry has always been one of the steadiest rocks of the economy, so I’m sure they’ll be able to absorb the costs involved pretty transparently.

[sub]I’ve always enjoyed how easy it is to keep a straight face in text.[/sub]

Ahem, the ges in calculations have to do with safe loading weights for small planes. The industry standard has been to 160 lbs. per passenger, 165 in winter, 20 lbs. per carryon and 25 per checked suitcase. After asking passengers their actual weights or weighing passengers on selected flights the FAA found that the average passenger weight was actually 180. A twenty pound difference which, at most heights – especially for men – wouldn’t equal the kind of obesity which would create discomfort for any other passenger.

Talk about a non-starter. Seems to me that this OP is just looking for reasons to bash and start arguments. Reads like, looks like, smells like… yes! Troll!

It’s lose! Lose, gahdammit. The correct word is lose!

Loose is when you let go of something (set loose the dogs of war) or when something is too big (this shirt is loose). Lose is a failure (lose the race) or to misplace something (lose your keys). Why can’t people get this straight? Arrrgghh!!!

(Rant not directed at Fin_man, it’s a pet peeve of mine and since this is the Pit I decided to vent)

Huh, no. Just venting at the growing size of Americans. Now maybe you found some non-existent connection in my complaint (about paying more, not getting a seat, or having my bag left behind) with an obese person next to me. Note: The link to MeanOldLady’s thread was just showing how the growing of America causes issues with people.

If somebody weighs 200 pounds and therefore limits the saleable seats on an airplane and causes me to not be able to fly, I’m pissed - even if they aren’t obese. Follow? Clear now? Good

Frank #2, didn’t take it at me but I will say…That’s it, no more posting for me before my coffee. Hey, it pisses me off too. Am I forgiven?? :slight_smile:

And, how is this different than bagging them in say, groups of two or three??
Are there sufficient air holes, so the passengers can breath easily?
What airline were they talking about???
Never mind, I think I’ll walk…I could lose a few pounds myself.