Not that you care, but I may not be renewing. (Administration of the SDMB)

Geez, don’t bust me, I ain’t got a dog in this fight, I was just trying to offer a bit of translation.

I’m too busy to look them up right now, but there have been copious examples of folks bitching about thread closures that have gotten the decision at the very least reconsidered, and often reversed.

I was going to make a joke “mod warning” about using outdated urban slang but there’s a rule against those posts.


I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to jump on you. Thanks for your help. It was more a response directed at Musicat and was by no means meant to be vitriolic in any way.


Stick around for a bit, Adam. Maybe things will perk up a bit. I agree that there’s been a change in mood here in the last few months; there’s some detectable tension on the SDMB overall. I think this has a lot to do about the TubaDiva fiasco, which is still being talked about quite a bit, and could be even partly the winter blahs getting to people (what’s the term for that…Seasonal Affective Disorder? Anyway…) I’m hoping that when Spring is finally in full swing that the mood here gets a little lighter. You’re one of the nicest people on here, and I wouldn’t want to see you leave.

I don’t care if you have five posts or five thousand. Putting up a thread to announce that you are leaving due to some problem you have with the boards is attention whoring.

If you disagree with the management here, then fine, leave. Go start your own board, whatever. None of us who actualy like this board and have had no problem with its administration could care less if you continue to stay or not. There are 51,949 members here as I look now. One more or less doesn’t really matter.

And GAWD, I disagree with your take. I mean it is one thing to start a thread saying why you feel distaste with the Mods and whatnot, and discuss possible solutions. It is another thing to announce you are leaving because of it as if it were some great hardship for the board to lose such a valued poster, blablabla. What possible help is that? Other than some “Me Too” posts and some “Door, ass, etc” posts.

What’s a million dead people between friends?

I’ve been berated, hated and suspended by the admins on this board and you have fucking problems with them??

The problem is you.

Don’t let the door hit you where the lord split you asshole.

Well, I don’t post as often as you do, but I had lurked for a while before joining, and I completely agree with you. Every year, free or by-subscription we hear the same “I am outta here and I’m never coming back”. It gets old. I don’t remember who’s here let alone who’s left (with very notable exceptions, and most times the ones I remember I am glad are not here).

Heh, even the custom of accusing the mods of been Nazis is years old.

Since when have flirt threads been officially banned anyway? I agree there’s been a recent backlash from the anti-flirting lobby {myself included}, and a few Pit threads about it, but the matter’s been confined solely to the reactions of posters: I don’t recall seeing any official pronouncement for or against them.

If any flirters/flirtees are reading this, by the way, I’m not taking another swipe, just responding to the OP. You probably know my feelings on the subject by now, I know yours, and I’d be happy to let the matter rest.

{That detente doesn’t however apply to the first person to reply “So, how you doin’?”, who will be summarily torn apart by wolves}

And yet, at some level, it apparently does matter to you.

Or did someone hold a gun to your head and force you to open and contribute to this thread?

That’s the thing about this board, whether a thread sinks or swims is entirely a matter of demand for the type of discussion that it generates. If no-one is interested or has anything to contribute, then it falls off the page pretty quickly. If a thread remains on the front page, then it is evidence that people do care enough about the issue to continue the discussion.

If you really believe that the OP is an attention whore, it seems to me that the simplest excuse is for you to ignore him rather than draw further attention to him. After all, for a true attention whore, an insult can be just as gratifying as a compliment.


WTF was i thinking?

I think i meant “course of action” or something.

And you wonder why you’ve been berated, hated, and suspended by the admins?

Because of my actions. I take responsibility for them.

I don’t blame others.

No, it’s cause you’re a total schmuck.

Have been ever since I’ve been around.

That’s probably the reason no one takes you seriously.

Nazi admins and mods? Probably not - this thread hasn’t been closed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a dog in the fight, - I respect your opinion regardless of it’s merits - I just think if it was truly dictatorial that no speech against the administration would be tolerated. YMMV

I do want to bring up something I haven’t seen brought up, though. There was a recent thread that involved how to dispose of bodies. Best ways to not get caught even. Instead of actually closing it, it was moved from one forum to one “more properly suited.” Is it me or is a thread like that more likely to cause harm to the Chicago Reader than a flirting thread? I guess it really isn’t illegal to discuss hiding bodies, but if someone did kill someone and hide it couldn’t they blame it on the Reader? “I read on a message board how to do it. That’s how I learned everything.”

Maybe I’m just a wanker. Once again, YMMV.

You’re more than free to disagree with my take. THat’s fine since I disagree with yours. I think many people see attempts at working out the problems and don’t see it happening. Instead it gets swept under the rug or the more popular and numerous majority drowns out the others.

Such is life I’m afraid, but a good many posters feel that way while the boisterous majority yells down at them that they’re attention-whoring and it turns into a pile on trainwreck, leaving the point they were trying to make unmade as the sideshow and constant hijacking overshadows it.


Really? They seem to have forgotten to let all the Mods know about this, as I have received no such notice.

Now, there has been a recent request to permit threads with a “Personals” format, i.e., threads explicitly intended to provide a way for people to meet in the flesh (so to speak) for romantic or sexual encounters and that request has been denied. (Whether the reasons are sufficient or clear I will leave to the judgement of each reader.) However, I have seen no ban on flirting, as such.

There have, simultaneously, been a few rancorous exchanges among posters regarding the seemliness or prevalence of flirting threads (or the perception that flirting posts have become obnoxiously intrusive into other threads). However, that discussion we have been leaving to the Teeming Millions (although some staff members may have expressed their personal views).

If someone wishes to be angered by staff actions, please take the trouble to be mad at staff actions without confusing situations that are similar but not identical.*


  • (Or point me to the ban on flirting that I seem to have missed. They never tell GD Mods nothin’.)

That’s because we mods/admins were reading that thread with great interest.

Only when it’s part of spontaneous informal choral music in a mine shaft.