not tolerating vicodin well for my back. what are non-nauseous alternatives?

I fractured my spine in two places… The L2 and L4. Its quite painful. My doc put me on 7.5/500 mg of hydrocodone/apap.
It makes me sick to my stomach and I’ve even vommited because of it :frowning: the problem is that I take it because it controls my pain.

Are there alternatives to the medicine which won’t make me feel sick to my tum tum? The pain gets quite bad and I really don’t want to compromise the pain relief for something that doesn’t work as well.
I have no allergies so that’s not a problem. I’ve taken the medicine with an empty stomach, a light snack, after a meal, with a tall glass of water, milk… Just about everything.
What would be a suitable alternative for vicodin that is more stomach-friendly?

Sorry about your pain. I don’t mean to denigrate it at all. And I know you mean well asking about alternative medicines. But this Board isn’t the place.

Call your doctor, tell him/her what’s wrong, go from there.

samclem GQ moderator