Nota Bene Word Processor

Hi all,

Nota Bene is an academic word processor, rather pricey, that is supposed to handle references and different language fonts well. Has anyone used it? Is there much advantage over MS Word? Is it worth the money?

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Are you telling me Word can’t handle different fonts and right-to-left text and other variants yet?

(not a Word user)

Nisus Writer had all that 10 years ago and it’s cheaper than Word. (Requires the Classic environment, though :frowning: )

Can I put a commercial link? Here goes. Nota Bene.

Basically, it is supposed to be more customizable, plus it has a built-in database to manage your references. It can automatically change your whole document from Turabian to APA or whatever. Looks like it might be useful for dissertations/long articles.

I can pull Greek & Hebrew into Word from my bible software, but it has problems letting me manipulate the fonts. I’m wondering if this is better (also the reference thing).