Nothing worse than choking on a Woody . . .

WASHINGTON (AP) - Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is recalling about 40,000 Woody Dolls that can pose a choking hazard to young children.

(gasping for breath) Haw, haw! That’s hilarious!

I notice this thread title got a lot of views in the first couple of minutes . . .

Ok, I’ll admit it. I thought for sure this was going to be about a bad fellatio experience Eve had. Like you didn’t, too. I’ll leave now…

naughty, naughty, wicked, Eve.

I had a small Woody hand puppet as a kid. Never sounded like a commiseration until now.

I’ll have you know though that I don’t remember gnawing on the damn thing.

I used to work at K-mart. When Toy Story first came out, I was stocking the toy aisle shelves.

Found a shelf label under one of the dolls that said “16 inch Talking Woody”

Oh heck, I was thinking Woody Woodpecker. Man, talk about a good name for Pinnochio.

You meant better, right? :wink:

No, Oxy, choking interferes with the rhythm, then you have to start all over. Geez, don’t guys know anything about blowjobs? :wink:

Damn, but do you know how to title a thread or what?

Reminds of a cartoon I saw after the Toy Story toys came. Two small kids, a boy and a girl, are showing each other their toys:

Boy: I’ve got a Woody!
Girl: I’ve got a Buzz!

Caption: Little did they know, little Suzie and Joey would repeat this exact conversation years later in a bar…

I thought this was going to be about Dick Smothers Junior.

[Bugs] She don’t know me vewy well, do she? [/Bugs]

I knew it was a trick, but clicked on it anyways.

And here I thought Eve was going to give us an excerpt from her forthcoming Shelley Long biography.

I posted this a few weeks ago, on another message board…
Seemed fitting to share. I still get the giggles thinking about this:
Re: Wait that’s not what you meant… or was it

I worked with this one guy years ago who was REALLY NIAVE. He was the only guy out of about 8 of us at a customer service desk.
It was Christmas time, and we were slammed with people picking up their layaways. Toy Story was big that year, and as this guy picked up the “Woody” doll out of the box to put in the bag, he started loudly exclaiming:


We lost it…I was in tears from laughing so hard!! And he wouldn’t stop! He never realized what he was saying…the best one was when he sighed, and in a pouting voice said:

“Gee, I wish I was getting a woody for Christmas”


Best thread title I’ve seen in ages!

I was thinking golf clubs myself, but hey…

Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:

naughty, naughty, wicked, cleverEve**. :smiley: