Notting Hill - the movie **spoiler**

At the very end of the movie, Hugh and Julia are sitting on a bench in the park (just before the credits). Hugh is reading a book - can anybody make out the name of it? I am guessing that it is a Henry James book, or a book of baby names but my TV is too small to see it clearly (It’s NOT, I repeat, NOT because I have tears in my eyes or anything, it’s the small TV, okay?). Thanks!

I know that book as I have read it: its Captain Correlli’s Mandolin - by Louis de Bernieres: (different edition) That scene was not filmed in a park, its a private communal garden which is just off my street in Notting Hill. I live on the same road but on the other side which has a similar garden/park thingy.

Cheers Nukeman! I only hope you don’t have to climb over the fence each time you want to use your garden…

One interesting tidbit I recall from reading Entertainment Weekly: the next project for Roger Mitchell (the director of Notting Hill) was to be a film version of Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. The placement of the book in that final scene of Notting Hill was a subtle little plug for his next film. Mitchell has since had to drop out of directing Mandolin for health reasons, and the film is instead being directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love).