Noun form of specific sexual act.

We did this one before (many times in my case)

Thanks for the idea. Now I know what to include in all my Christmas cards!

Well at least I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

“Ten muff dives”

“Ten rug munches”

Carpet cleanings? :wink:

Turkey time.


Dinner at the ‘Y’?

Of tasty treats, you’ll find none better
than that of the Pythagorean letter–
As warm as a favoured hand-knit sweater,
But sweeter-smelling and much wetter.

I think cunnilingus is the noun. However, to fill in the sentence:

This certificate entitles the bearer to 10(tongue lashings).

Didn’t we find that cunnilingue is the verb? it seems that if you’re saying that “cunnilingus” is (according to the title) a “specific sexual act”, then you’re already admitting that “cunnilingus” is the noun form…

hmm, I said that waiting for the link to the other thread to load. Keep in mind that

was said w/o that knowledge. I think it sounds a bit snippy, but you guys might not even notice (and here I was thinking that I got to contribute something to a thread that hadn’t been said in it before… )

10 box lunches.

No, no… all those except “tongue lashings” sound more like it’s worded as a gift to the cunnilinguist.

If you want the gift to be romantic, include 10 individual coupons that each say something along the lines of “This certificate entitles the bearer to an evening of very intimate and selfish pleasure.”

Believe me, that will work!

Or, if one wants to be vulgar, you could say you just bought one of these, and you’re ready to dive in…

check this out it’s in here somewhere