Noun form of specific sexual act.

What is the noun form of ‘act of cunnilingus’? As in, “This certificate entitles the bearer to 10 (word here).”

It’s for a Christmas present, if anyone wants to know.

Trying to make amends for those rancid Mother’s Day chocolates?

[sub]Aw, c’mon, you were all thinking of making similar jokes, admit it![/sub]



Why limit it to 10?

Cunniling. As in, “I’d like to give you a good cunniling, Halle.”

I don’t think there is a noun form per se. Try something like '"This certificate entitles the bearer to ten acts of cunnlingus.

Hey, it beats a sharp stick up there."

I hope this isn’t a Secret Santa-type thing.

Cunnilingus is a noun. It sounds to me like you want the plural of cunnilingus. Which, I suppose, is “cunnilingi”

Nah, that’s when manage to get two tongues in there.

Perhaps to answer these questions we need some cunning linguists.

My tongue is damp.

Beer make Mudd lose track of pronoun and sense of propriety. :o

This may be one of those situations where a less specific term may be the better word choice. I, for one, have never thought of “cunnilingus” as a particularly romantic term. “Fellatio,” neither, for that matter.

But hey, whatever floats the boat…

Hilarious. I wet my pants.

How about just “This card entitles the bearer to wake me up and make me go down on her a dozen or so times”?

If you have facial hair, it’s “moustache rides.”

We call them P.L.'s

It works for either gender…

Cunnilingus is an example of an uncountable {u} noun or mass noun. IOW, there is no plural form because it’s an abstraction.

For example, love, is a noun. So, would you say, “This coupon entitles you to ten loves.”?

No. We’d say, “acts of love.”

And so, in the same way, we would have to use the phrase “…ten acts (or performances, or evenings, or dirty deeds, or sloppy slurps) of cunnilingus.”

Or, “…ten cunnilingual acts.”

Peace. and should be shortcuts on everyone’s browser.

Buy why is there no word for it?

There’s a male word: “This coupon entitles you to ten blowjobs.”

We should make up a feminine counterpart.

Ten clit-lickin’s :stuck_out_tongue:


“Ten free trips down-town”