NOVA Dopers - Moving to Huntington, any thoughts?

Within 90 days or so, I plan to be moving into a fancy new townhouse with three other guys. One I know from work, another I met through the work-guy, and the third is an old friend of the work-guy. I did the whole rowhouse thing in college with four other guys, and it mostly worked out.

The place we have our eyes on is a new townhouse on the south side of the Huntington Metro Station. We saw it yesterday and it’s very nice. The neighborhood seems ok, though I’ve never been enamored with Huntington in general. I’m currently living alone in a low-rise in the Landmark area, and I was having second thoughts about moving at all until I saw the townhouse last night. It really is that nice.

I like the idea of being near the metro for the convenience factor, but four years of living in Baltimore has also ingrained a strong sensitivity to possible crime. Part of me thinks that close proximity to the DC metro would make most areas have a higher crime rate than areas farther from the metro.

Do any Alexandria Dopers have any thoughts on moving into the Huntington area, specifically near the metro?

I believe it’s true that you may find slightly more crime if you’re around a metro stop but I think it’s more property crime and theft, things of that nature. As a guy you don’t really have to worry about sexual assaults, which occasionally pop up in the news because of women leaving the metro late and then having to walk alone on unlit paths. I heard about some guy stalking people around the Vienna metro station, but I think these things are relatively few and far between.

I doubt you have too much to worry about.

I was friends with a guy who lived just a few blocks east of the Huntington metro up until about two years ago. I think he was on Mt Vernon Drive. He liked his house, didn’t seem to have any complaints about the neighborhood. Maybe you want to check out the Fairfax County police department website. They seem to have a crime mapping feature, but I haven’t had time to play around with it.

Jefferson Manor (the neighborhood of single-family homes and a lot of duplexes on the west side of N. Kings Highway) used to have a well-deserved reputation as a really rednecky neighborhood, but that was 25+ years ago, and I don’t know what it’s like now. I’m over in that general area a lot, but not that specific neighborhood.

On the whole, I’d be more worried about the noise-and-annoyance factors than about violent crime. If I were you, I’d pop over there tomorrow (Friday) evening and just wander the streets of the neighborhood for an hour or so, to get a read on the 'hood.

I lived in the high rises nearby a few years ago and I remember the area being somewhat blue collar. I don’t remember it being all that bad. There wasn’t a lot to do in that area and I don’t remember there being a lot of restaurants. However, I lived closer to the side which was on Huntington Avenue and not N. Kings Hwy.

Drive by on Friday night and take a look around. Stop the car and walk around a bit, maybe even walk from the Metro to the townhouse.

Not a lot to do? It’s only a few miles away from Old Town. Or, if you’re tastes do run toward the blue collar, there’s a bowling alley and a billiards place (Fast Eddie’s) nearby on Richmond Hwy.

I was talking about Huntington in particular. Old Town really isn’t walking distance and you’ll most likely need to drive to get there. Huntington is one of those areas which you are unlikely to visit unless you live there, have friends who live there or work nearby.

Note, I moved away in 2003 and there was a decent amount of construction going on there so the neighborhood has probably changed somewhat since then.

Old Town is only 2 metro stops away. I’ll admit it’s a bit of a walk to the water, but there’s plenty of restaurants, bars, etc. along the way.

But walking distance from the Huntington metro? I agree, there’s not much there. The only reason I go to that side is for Tippy Taco.

I haven’t been by there in a couple of years, but I have close family nearby there. I know there has been a significant amount of construction, so it may have changed. But all of my memories of the Huntington area seemed to be a little shady. In fact, when I was a teen they opened the metro station in Springfield and form then on most people I knew drove out to that one instead of Huntington. I don’t recall a lot of extremely dangeous situations, mostly a lot of loitering, theft, vandalism. It was a pretty neglected area that hadn’t seen anything new in a long time, so since your place sounds pretty nice it seems to have changed some.

Even then most of the restaurants are going to be closer to the water than to the Masonic Temple.

Huntington would be convenient for the Metro provided that you are working in VA or DC. I don’t know that I would want Huntington for a commute into Bethesda.

I haven’t been there in a few years even though I work in Old Town. I might drive down on Sunday and take a look around.