Nova Scotia - how far from Halifax to Antigonish? and how long to drive it?

I played around with MapQuest but couldn’t find the answers. If I were in Halifax for a couple of days, could I drive to Antigonish and back the same day? if so, how long would it take?

Try Google Maps; it says 212 km., so a couple of hours or so. It looks like you could make a nice loop of it, as well.

Well, it’s been awhile, but as I recall the drive wasn’t too bad. It’s good for a day trip, if that’s what you’re talking about. The trans-Canada there doesn’t (or didn’t) have a ton of traffic on it, either.

You could do it easily. Taking the Trans-Canada it will be a couple of hours as An Arky says.

Said loop looks to be about 471km (292 miles)

Halifax - Truro - Antigonish - Sonora - Halifax

Just so’s y’know, there are a couple of beautiful drives in NS; (I’m sure there are many more, these are just the ones I know of)

  • from Antigonish to Amherst, hwy 6. You drive through many picturesque little towns, along a gorgeous shoreline.
  • of course, the Cabot Trail, in Cape Breton – This one you’d want to give yourself a couple days, to really enjoy it. I haven’t done the Cabot Trail yet, but when I eventually move back home out east, it’s one of the first trips I plan on making… preferably on a motorbike.


Just adding:

Damn, you’re making me homesick for back east!! sob lol


The drive from Halifax to Antigonish takes about 2 and a half hours. Unless there’s something or someone in Antigonish that you want to see, I wouldn’t recommend that trip for a day trip. Otherwise I would suggest a trip to Annapolis Valley or Lunenburg. But to answer your question, yep, you could do it in a day.

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Thanks for the info, everyone. Sorry to make you homesick, Satellite^Guy.

We drove the Cabot Trail on Friday. For anyone not familiar with it, it’s a spectacular circle around Cape Breton mixing seashore vistas with mountain valleys. Lots of hill climbing and hill descending. We were in our pickup truck and felt very comfortable. Saw several large commercial trucks and just can’t imagine how they handle the grades. Guardrails are just beat right to shit on a lot of the hills.

We did the trip in one day - about 200 miles. Next time we do it, we’ll overnight at the midway point so we’ll have more time to stop and visit some of the villages and towns. Sections of the road also will pound the living daylights out of your back and kidneys.