Nova Scotia vs. Savannah: Sights/activities

Mrs R and her friend M are planning their yearly Just Us Girls vacation, and by a process I don’t pretend to understand :wink: , they’ve narrowed the choice of destinations to Nova Scotia or Savannah, GA.

I volunteered to see what the best and brightest had to say about the matter.

What sorts of thing are there to do in Nova Scotia? What don’t-miss sights are there? What regional dishes should they be sure to try?

And the same questions for Savannah!

Well, I can’t speak to Savannah and it seems odd to compare a city to an entire province (even if it is relatively small) but here goes my bit on Nova Scotia.

There is a lot of variety. If you want a city style getaway there is Halifax. The city has a lot of historic areas to explore and (at least 20 years ago) had some great bars. The farmers market is a nice way to spend a morning and if you go on the roof it has some great views of the harbour.

I would rather stay away from the city and would head up toward the Cape Breton area and enjoy some awesome coastline views, spend some time in Baddeck. It is a truly beautiful area.

You can also head a bit south of Halifax and spend some time hopping around some little fishing villages, see the Bluenose in Lunenburg, NS, head out to Peggy’s Cove, or spend some time at some of the fantastic national parks.

Your experience can range from a typical city visit, a Scottish Highlands type experience, a fishing village getaway, fossil hunts and more.

Also you could take the bridge and/or the ferry to Prince Edward Island for a day or two. Nice beaches and the Green Gables house, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

Good point. If you like beaches and are visiting in the summer the beaches in PEI are fantastic. The water can get up to 77F.

Trailer Park Boys is from Nova Scotia, so don’t forget to catch up on that awesome show/movie series before you visit. :slight_smile:

Savannah is an old, port city but is not located on the ocean. It is actually located about 15 miles inland on the Savannah river. It has some facinating old cemetaries and buildings as well as good food. It’s easy to spend a day just walking the riverfront and downtown areas.

It’s an easy car ride to several of the GA coastal islands including Tybee (20 minute drive, it’s is where “Savannah Beach” is located), Wilmington and Skidaway (home of Wassaw National Wildlife refuge). About a 2 hour drive away is the Okeefenokee Swamp, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island (very undeveloped, lots of wild horses, only a limited number of day trip permits are issued). Heading north, Hilton Head is 40 minutes away, Charleston, SC is a bit less than 2 hours.

Savannah is home to a HUGE St. Patrick’s Day celebration every year (they dye the river green).

I’m not a female, but, IMHO, Savannah is a great place to visit and a great jumping off point to visit several places but I’m not sure i could spend a week there.

OMG! No comparison! Nova Scotia will BLOW YOU AWAY!!! Make sure to see Peggy’s Cove, and Cabot Trail (if you have the time). Anywhere you go is GORGEOUS!!! So many scenic vistas. At worst, I believe you are no more than 35 miles from water! My mom’s family grew up there, and visited every summer. Now, I have taken my wife many times. You’ll LOVE IT!!!

Here is a link to many types of Nova Scotia “Doers and Dreamers” tour guide books from the conventional, to golfing, to motor biking, to hiking, etc. Nova Scotia has so many things to see and do! Take me with you!!! :cool:

P.S. There’s no comparison between a Canadian province or one US city! Go to Nova Scotia!

No offense, but one can find that stuff anywhere. How about an attempt to compare and contrast? I’ve never been to NS, but based on what I’ve seen the following appear to be true:

*Savannah will likely be significantly warmer no matter what time of year you go (avg high temp in July & August is 90F vs 72F in Nova Scotia)
*Savannah will have flatter land and wide, sandy beaches, NS has a more rolling landscape and more rocky/craggy beaches
*NS, from what I can tell, probably has more naturally scenic vistas. Savannah has more historic architecture.
*It looks like a car will be necessary at either location to get the “full effect”.

That’s all I’ve got.