Novel Condiments

I quite like it on occasion.

I’ve heard that salad cream is similar to Miracle Whip. I can’t say if this is true our not.

I like relish on Tuna. I don’t eat it that way often because I am usually out of one ingredient when I have the other and only think of it when it is time to make a sandwich but I like it.

I’ve tried it with a few different things, and have come to the conclusion that you can use it pretty much anywhere you’d use ketchup. Try it in a burger, glaze a meatloaf with it, dip fries in it, and so on. It works well with a lot of things.

Yeah, pretty much. Maybe closer to Miracle Whip and creamy coleslaw salad dressing mixed.

Speaking of weird British creams, how about “double cream”? I’ve been seeing it pop up in the dairy section of the fancier grocery stores in my town, in tiny little glass bottles, with directions to spoon it directly onto the food of your choice.

Someone care to educate me as to what you’d use it for?

Spoon it onto hot apple pie, or similar. Prepare to have your arteries harden as you eat.

Edit: It’s one of those things that has a legal labelling definition: “double cream” must contain at least 48% milk fats. “Clotted cream” must have a minimum of 55%

Where I grew up white vinegar (not malt) was common on fries. So good.

Ate at a place in Austria that served boiled beef with a mixture of applesauce and horseradish on the side. Horseradish + applesauce is a match made in heaven.

Lemon juice squeezed onto toast is quite tasty. I also sometimes have “Caesar salad sandwiches”: ham, lettuce, boiled egg and cheese on toast with a bit of Caesar salad dressing.

Chipoltle sauce, salsa verde (green salsa), pico de gallo (a mild salsa), oyster sauce, Sriracha (spicier than Chipoltle)

As for mustard, I despise French’s, aka weenie mustard. Gordons and Colemans, both traditional English varieties are good. Hot Chinese style is good, as is that Gray Poupon stuff, which has a generic name that escapes me at the moment.

Since I didn’t see mention of it in the responses above…

One very sleepy evening I grabbed the wrong bottle and squirted Kagome Tonkatsu sauce on my chicken nuggets.

Tonkatsu, for those who don’t know, is a slice of pork that’s been breaded & deep-fried sort-of like Southern Fried Chicken.
[It was introduced to the Japanese (along with Tempura) by the Portuguese]
Kagome’s* version of sauce for Tonkatsu is made from applesauce, soy sauce, and a few other things.
It was actually a bit too sweet on the Chicken nuggets.

However, when mixed 50/50 with Heinz Ketchup…delicious!

*There are other brands; I have no idea how they’d fare in this mix.


There is a time and a place for different kinds of mustard. Putting French’s on a steak would be sacrilegious, but putting English mustard on a hot dog would just be weird.

Fiery mustard goes really well with a nice rare steak. Just a wee dab on the corner of each bite, but you are totally right about hot dogs and bratwurst and other sausages. A mellower mustard is just right to cut across the fat, without overwhelming it.

Yes. Senility sucks.

A nice homemade fruit chutney on a turkey sandwich is pretty close to heaven.

Mashed avocado.

I like mustard on my French fries. Does that count as novel?

I enjoy a mustard/ketchup mix.
Back when Arby’s still had German mustard, I used to put that on my potato cakes.

Oh, I don’t know, I find that it varies by novel. For example, spicy mustard goes really well on “The Catcher On The Rye.”