Novel - Life after Life. Hard time getting into it...should I keep going? Is it worth it?

I started “Life after Life” a highly rated novel from last year. I don’t want to read too many details about it, but it is on Amazon’s 100 books that I have to read. I know that’s bunk, but I need to get reading advice somewhere.

I reading it on Kindle, so I don’t know how far along I am, I think less than 20%.

So, Fellow dopers who have read this book…should I keep with it??

I thought it got more interesting (and less repetitive) after a while. But I didn’t have a hard time getting into it, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I had exactly the same feeling at potentially the same point. Then suddenly…

Stick with it. I was so involved, so moved, so blown away by it once I’d finished. I wept buckets. It’s not nice and neat, it’s not flawless, but oh lord I think it’s worth it.

Like Hogarth, I liked it from the outset and, despite some reservations about the ending, it was one of my favourite books last year.

I’m reading it now. Didn’t have any trouble getting into it, and so far loving it, much more so than I expected from the description.

That said, the way I approach books is that if I don’t like 'em, I don’t read 'em. If you’ve given it a good go and still don’t like it, put it away and pick up the next book. Life is too short to spend it reading books you don’t like.

One of my favorite books. Unfortunately, you have to read quite a few pages to be hooked. Then, about two-thirds of the way in, the sense of amazement in Atkinson’s craft takes over.

Likewise. I urge you to stick with it. It was one of the top ten books I read last year.

I am currently reading this book, too! And like diggerwam, I found it vastly overrated at first.

But! It absolutely gets more interesting the further along you are. I struggled to get through the first ~100 pages before it started to draw me in. So I’m definitely gonna stick with it and hope that I’m blown away by the last 1/3 :stuck_out_tongue: