Novel ways of saying "for a long time"

Heeding Dex’s call in the latest Staff Report, some suggestions for phrases to replace “coon’s age”:

In a sea urchin’s lifetime,
For the lifespan of SV40 cell lines,
In an geological epoch,
For the half-life of Thorium-232,

Any others?

Since a Cubs championship?

Since Strom Thurmond was in knickers?

In a Microsoft release window?

Since the Grand Canyon was a ditch?

In a slow-hamster SDMB posting?

Since dolphins lived on land

Since Microsoft was honest.

Since Star Trek was good.

Since people paid attention to Michael Jackson for the music

Since we’ve had a decent, respectable human being as the leader of our country.

Since the White Sox fielded a team worth mentioning

Since my whiskey was just a field of grain

Since hockey teams really had a seventh man.


“For an Og’s nap…”

In an acorn’s stretch

Since Cecil started fighting ignorance

In a glacier’s marathon

For a month of new moons on Monday
Since the first Saturday night
Until they build a second avenue subway line in New York
Until all of the galaxies have a family reunion in Fresno
Ever since things have fallen down instead of up

I like it! - amny of the other suggestions are a little too agenda-driven for my liking, but this one is good.

Revise it and you’ll have something:
Since Michael Jackson was a musician.

Huh? Sea urchins are “agenda-driven?”

It was supposed to be a secret, but then you blabbed. I just hope the powerful Sea Urchin Restitution Foundation doesn’t get wind of this.

If you turn up dead one day of a couple thousand small puncture wounds, it will be a crying shame.

Also, I feel I must point out for all you Dave Barry fans out there that “Glacial Sea Urchins” would be a good name for a rock band.

“Since Moses was a pup” (credit to Robert Heinlein);
“Since the circus came to town” (I guess some places don’t see the circus much);
“Since potatoes were invented” ("…was invented" originally, but solecisms make me itch)

“Since Hector was a pup” is an oldie, of course.

Since Star Wars began with the line “Yesterday in a galaxy far, far away”

Or the perenniel military favourite:

“Since Christ was a corporal”.

… since rocks were soft.
… since dirt was new.

…since God wore short pants.
…since Lad was a pup.