Novels that revolve around a crazy person kidnapping someone

I recently reread King’s Misery, and got to wondering how many books have this plot device? So far, I’ve come up with:

The aforementioned Misery, arguably the best known and one of the best in the genre, and also in the movie made from it.

Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs. Also arguably, yada, yada, yada!

John Fowles’s The Collector. This book was a part of the plot on Criminal Mind’s season cliffhanger/first new show of the next season. I’d never heard of it, but I found a copy. An absolutely wonderful tale told from the point of the kidnapper and later, in diary form, from the point of view of the kidnappee.

Ed McBain’s Calypso. A rare 87 Precient mystery that goes outside the fictional city of Isola, with McBain’s most grusome ending.

Give me some more!

Emma Donaghue’s Room. In it, a man has kidnapped a woman and keeps her in a sort of bunker where he rapes her regularly. The story is told from the point of view of the son the woman gives birth to while in captivity.

"Blaze"by Steven King/Richard Bachman. Crazy/mentally retarded man kidnaps a child, with the intention of ransoming it back, only to fall in love with it.

Welcome to Xanadu, by Nathaniel Benchley (the son of Robert Benchley), is a good one. This was made into a memorable TV movie called Sweet Hostage.

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens - came out the same time as Room, but Room got all the thunder. I thought both were great.