Novelty shop item: "Polish Mug"

While I’m home sick, I thought I’d try to get some important stuff done, so I was watching my SNL Season 1 DVD this morning. On the episode with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, there’s a short film featuring what I took to be a mail-order novelty shop (I’m on narcotics, so please don’t rip me if I’ve got that completely wrong). Anyway, one of the items that the lady being interviewed holds up at one point was a “Polish Mug,” which she apparently believes is self-explanatory, as her only comment is that it is popular because Polish jokes are so popular at the time.

I’ve Googled, but apparently Polish jokes just aren’t what they used to be, because I can’t find anything to suggest what the joke might be. Can anyone help me out? No bottom? No top? Wording printed on it upside-down?

This might be the novelty mug I saw once that had the handle on the inside.

– CalMeacham, whose four grandparents all came from Poland, and who’s seen and heard more than his share of Polack jokes. Mostly from his relatives.

Picture on the front makes a reference to the picture on the side opposite for the right handed mug user. The second picture is upside down, with a reassuring message that everything is OK. (So, you turn it toward your, spilling your coffee down your front.)

Presumably, left handed Polacks pour their coffee on you. ( A much better polack joke, in my opinion.)


Found this on Yahoo (take that, Google!), which seems to support my interpretation:

My system at work blocks this site for some reason.

This other site refers to a “Newfie” mug the same way. I never realized Newfoundlanders had that rep:

Thanks, all. I just re-viewed the part of the film in question and have no doubt it is the coffee mug with the handle on the inside. I didn’t notice on first viewing that the mug had no visible handle, and even though she never definitively shows all sides of the thing, it certainly appears to be handle-less – on the outside, anyway.