November 1st: My Brother NEVER had to go to school on his birthday!

Today is All Saint’s Day, one of the biggies on the Catholic Calendar.

Today is also my brother’s birthday. 12 years of Catholic School- he NEVER had to go to school on his birthday!


No fair!


Awww…that’s nothing…Nevada’s statehood day is officially on Halloween. It was a state holiday and we always got Halloween off of school. Until recently. The state legislature changed Nevada Day to the last Friday in October. This was a few years ago and the kids are still asking why they don’t get Halloween off.
The good news of this change is occasionally, I’ll get my birthday off, October 26.

And so? I didn’t either, and my birthday’s October 19. Neither did my sister (Feb. 19). Nor did my brother (but his birthday’s December 25th, so maybe that had something to do with it). My mom wasn’t huge on the birthday celebration type stuff, but we always got to stay home from school on our birthdays. Now that I’m all growed up, I generally don’t work on my birthday either.

My birthday is in the summer, so I never had school on it.

Trouble is, only your very best friends that still see you at the end of summer remember it…so it’s often lame.

Wait, you guys got a free day from school for All Saint’s Day? You were lucky! Well, we got a half-day in grade school, for that and the other Holy Days of Obligation that were also school days, but then we got marched over to the church and had to attend Mass immediately after dismissal. Then we could go home. Since we didn’t have lunch on half-days, sitting through the end of Mass was something of a trial. And it’s not like you could go up to Communion and ask the priest: “Could I have two? I’m starvin’ here!”

In high school, HDoO started off with Mass-In-The-Gym, and then we had an almost normal school day - classes shortened a bit so the day would end at the same time.

My birthday is New Year’s Eve, which fell during the Christmas holidays, so I never had school on my birthday either!

June 7th here. I always had to take finals on my birthday (Alg II Honors/Chemistry Honors for my 16th-yay!). The only cool thing was I graduated on my 18th Bday.

The first year I taught the last day of school was on my Bday. Now that the school calendar has changed (we used to run late Aug-early June, now we run early Aug-late May), I never work on my Bday. That kinda makes me mad because birthdays are recognized during faculty meetings, but people with summer Bdays are never recognized. When I mentioned this, I got “well, you don’t have to work…” :wally

I just want someone to recognize my Bday, is that so bad?

My birthday is February 16th. When I was a kid, that meant nothing; Lincoln’s birthday was on the 12th, and Washington’s birthday was the wwnd. In NEw York, THOSE were holidays, not my birthday.

But since those two days were merged into the farcical “President’s Day,” I frequently get my birthday off as an adult!

My birthday’s December 23rd, so I hardly ever had school on my birthday. It sucks now though, because now I’m usually travelling on my birthday. This year I’ll be on a plan from St. Louis, MO to Manchester, NH. I hate holiday flying.

My birthday is Jan 1. I was always pissed during elementary school because I never got to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate and be the birthday girl for the day. So it goes both ways!