novice internet/computer questions

I know how to navigate through the Net… but I am getting my first computer soon (a hand-me-down) and I have a few basic questions:

 1.  Instant messaging - will that be on the computer?  

 2.  I have heard that you can attach some type of camera to the top of 
      the monitor so that you transmit yourself in video as you are doing
      the instant messaging.  What are these cameras called, how much
      are they, and how easy is it to hook it up?  Or am I totally off base

         Thans for helping out a novice.
  1. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but probably. I bet it’ll come with MSN messenger or something similar. There’s many messaging services (AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.), and each will need to be downloaded.

  2. It’s called a webcam, and they can be had for pretty cheap these days ($50ish). If your computer is new enough to have a USB port, just plug it in and you’re ready to go. I’m not sure which messaging services can be used with video, sorry.

Also I wouldn’t try video chat on dial-up. It would be to slow, choppy, and scratchy.

It would be best to get high speed internet service. The two types being DSL
(through your phone line … you can still use your phone regularly while online)
and the other Cable.

Recommend Cable, I beleive its much faster than DSL.

Either blows away dial-up!