Is there any quick (well quicker) way to “un numb” your face after getting novocaine injected. I asked the dentist. She said the only way is just to wait it out. I figured massaging the area to increse blood flow might help. Any ideas.
Also why do local anestetics stay local?

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This might not help but I never take any anesthetic, it only hurts for a minute or two and you don’t have the worry about numb face.

It sounds worse than it is Joey, give it a go.

Says Joey:
“Also why do local anestetics stay local?”
Sprint screwed 'em.

Bobinelli: You really get your teeth filled without any anaesthetic? I am horrified.

Joey P, maybe you can find a dentist who will use laughing gas instead of novocaine. (I think generally dentists will use them in combination, but you might be able to find one who’ll just get you high and skip the novocaine entirely.)

Good luck.

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I’ve had my teeth filled without novocaine, too. It hurts a bit more, but not that bad. I think I inherited my mother’s tendency to “burn off” novocaine in about 15 minutes, and I never realizied that fillings weren’t supposed to hurt. I do recommend the laughing gas; getting my impacted wisdom teeth pulled while on nitrous oxide was a great time. Woo hoo. However, I don’t know if being “stoned” for the next hour or so is better than having a numb face. :wink:

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You is caraaaaaayzey bob, my dentist puts my hand on the nitrous oxide valve,leaves me alone a bit(not unwatched) and lets me play with it,by the time he is ready I am flyin right along.Then he sprays a local on my gums,then the novacain, then a bottle of neato pills to take home. For some odd reason he makes me stay in his waiting room an hour before he lets me drive home.


Yep. When I was a teenager and needed my first filling it took 6 injections before I went numb - it took around 4 hours for the effect to wear off.

So the next time I required a filling I asked if I could try it without any Novocaine. It hurts like hell when drilling but the pain fades straight away.

I worked as a Dental Assistant for a year and we had a few patients who didn’t take any anesthetic, one even when she had a crown done. It really depends on how deep they have to go. If it’s just a shallow surface filling, you’d probably be safe trying it without the needle. However, if they have to go any deeper or replace an existing filling, you might want to just put up with the needle I’d rather have a numb face then the pain.
Also, did you know that injections for work done on your lower teeth always take longer to “un-numb” because the injection has to be given at the area where the nerve enters the jaw bone. The nerve isn’t accessible anywhere else on the lower jaw because it’s inside the bone itself. If you think about it, when they work on your upper teeth, they give you the injection right near the site they are going to work because the nerves are accessible. On the lower teeth, its always at the back of your jaw and the whole doggone side of your jaw is numb. See, you learn something new every day!

If it helps anyone going to the dentist–once, the Novocaine didn’t work, and the drill went right into my root. And ya know what? Yeah, it hurt, but nothing like the cartoon “shooting through the ceiling” pain like I’d always expected! The anticipation is much worse than any actual pain.

Wow. I guess I must just be extra sensitive. I will never forget the time a dentist under-novocained me. The pain was excruciating, like nothing I’d ever felt in my life. It still gives me shivers thinking about it.

I demand laughing gas now, because of this incident. I once went for a dental appointment and found that my regular dentist had called in sick and his partner didn’t know how to use laughing gas. I made another appointment.

BTW, I’ve always found the effects of the gas to wear off in about ten minutes.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

I cant take novacaine…I have a psychotic reaction to it, and it gets worse every time I am exposed…The last time, I wanted to drive into an oncoming truck, and I was afraid to be left alone with my kids.
I have had stitches without it…not too bad, and I popped an *&1/2 pound kid out with only the laughing gas…that stuff rocks!
the nurses had to keep insisting that I exhale…I kept holding it in like a toke…funny what you remember…it didnt really hurt that bad.

I am with you ruadh, it hurts like crazy when the novacaine weres off during the drilling. My old dentist must not have used enough, because those always hurt, the new one almost never hurts.

As to the OP, I use the massage the area method as well. For the same reasons. Don’t know if it works but it keeps me occupied.


Because they are injected/applied on or near the nerve(s) to be affected. They work by directly “bathing” specific nerves, not by being carried through the bloodstream.

When having a novacaine injection prior to a root canal I felt an “electric” sensation in my jaw. The dentist noticed my confused expression, described the feeling accurately, and said “That means I hit the nerve directly. You certainly won’t feel anything today! As a matter of fact, you won’t feel anything for a couple of days!” Took almost 48 hours for that one to wear off. Yuck.

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oooooooooooooo, I had that once also. Had to get three shots. First one was normal, second one I didn’t even know she had done it yet (that’s the best kind) thrid one went directly into a nerve. Fucking painful, is about the only way to describe it. One she injected it (and when she moved the needle around)felt like water was spraying on my face (or I had assumed blood) and before the needle was even out of my skin is was already numb. When I asked her she told me that that means it went into a nerve and will take longer to wear off.

BTW I had two shots of it today for the dentist and then I had to go to the eye doctor (it’s been a fun day). The eye doctor told me that if I hadn’t mentioned that I got the novocaine he would have assumed I had a nerve palsy because I can’t close my right eye correctly. In fact I’ve never had this happen before but the whole right side of my face appears to have had a stroke. Can’t move anything over there (well I can kinda blink). Even when I flair my nostrils only the left one goes.

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Well coming up on 5 hours here, still numb. Well not as much numb as that feeling of a “dead” limb waking up, well my cheak has been doing that for about a half hour. I’ll give it about an hour to and hour and a half before I’m back to normal. Can’t wait. (At least I can kinda drink with our drooling now)

Formerly known as Nec3f on the AOL SDMB

My first dentist, the one I saw until I was 20 years old, never, ever used novocaine on me, no matter how deep the fillings were. I had a lot of fillings, too- about two or three every six months for several years. I’d be seven years old, gripping the arms of the chair in a deathlock grip, tears rolling down my face, struggling not to scream. I never screamed or cried out loud because the dentist was a big, scary guy and I was terrified he’d hurt me on purpose if I squirmed. I don’t know if he was cheap or what- how much does a shot of novocaine cost? Maybe he billed my parents’ insurance for it. Maybe he just hated little girls.

When I changed dentists and received my first shot of novocaine, I cried again- because it was so wonderful to not be in agony! Since then I’ve realized I harbor a deep-seated hatred for that first dentist. I hope he’s dead now.

At the risk of making this a MPSIMS topic, I mention that I once had a root canal with no anesthesia of any kind.

I didn’t know any better at the time, but the dentist was a sadist. There’s no other word to describe it. Not only did my teeth get worked on, but I lost every nail on both hands from gripping the sides of the chair. (Mostly to keep from screaming, but also to keep from getting up and slugging that dentist, he kept saying to me, “SHUT UP!”)

BTW, he did a bad job and I wound up not only ultimately losing the tooth, but having tons more work on top of it, including a fixed bridge. Thanks, Doc.

It took a LONG time to get me back in a dentist’s chair, I was phobic for many years. And my current dentist told me that with everything available to dentists today, there is no reason why anybody should be in that kind of agonizing pain.

Let me repeat that, a little tip from Dr. Peter Silver, DDS:

“There is no reason anybody having dental work should be in agonizing pain.”

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Another quote from Dr. Silver:
“I get to hurt people all day AND I GET PAID for it! Is this a great job or what?”

I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t even be reading this thread :slight_smile:

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

Christ yes, ruadh, me too! I had never even considered what it would be like to get the needle directly in the nerve, and now I have something else to worry about at my dental appointment next week. I’ll probably give myself a heart attack!

I go to the dentist a few times a month (I’m having quite a lot of work done, can you tell?)

My dentist is nice about giving me nitrous, which is a good thing. I have a pretty severe resistance to novocaine. He usually has to give me 6 or 7 shots of it. Speaking of pain… He sprayed AIR on one of my teeth, and I cried. It stayed almost unbearably painful for about an hour and a half. My teeth are in REALLY bad shape. I’ve had about 7 root canals in the last 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:

And I used to have such nice teeth…

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