Now I've seen everything...

Dear God.
No, maybe not…
Okay, I took one look at the title and got my ass OUT of there. Either I’m misinterpreting something or this is just plain nasty.

I read quite a bit of it, and it’s very creepy. Now, I understand that pedophiles really don’t have any control over who they are sexually attracted to, and that it can be quite beneficial for them to have a community that supports them in their attempts to fight temptation. At first glance, I thought that is what this board would be, especially with the ‘Christian’ element of the title. But in several of the posts I see guys admitting that they touched boys in an inappropriate manner, and then trying to justify it by saying that if the child is not hurt, no harm is done, and this seems to be the general board consensus. I definitely don’t think this is a good thing, I could see someone being persuaded that it’s OK to act on these impulses by reading some of the content of this forum.

Ew, ew, EW!

Pedophila is bad enough, but Christian pedophilia? I really do try not to be judgemental, but…

It’s no use. I don’t have the words to express my disgust.

I’m either going to get sick or go into a murderous rage.


I went to the site, looked at the title and scrammed the hell out of there. I now wonder, do these sickos think it is okay to victimize boys because they are “forgiven”?

Hmmm… what to do?

Since there are no pictures of their acts, and the participants seem to be merely discussing the problems they face, being “Christian Boy Lovers”, I’ll leave the link up for now. I will consult my colleagues on what to do with it, though.

Moderator’s Notes: Discussion’s over. Since this OP seems to be nothing more than an attempt to make sport of these people, I’m locking this thread. Badtz, please do not use this fourm, or any forum at the SDMB, to poke fun at a group of people. It’s extremely insensitive. Thank you.