Now, lemming get this straight. . .

I think most of us are familiar with the myth that lemmings are prone to commit mass suicides. However. . . when I was a chow, I could have sworn I saw some documentary or something where lemmings were jumping off a cliff en masse.

What was going on there?

Snopes is your friend. :smiley:

I should have known that they would have already ferreted out the truth.

It was your responsibility to check, Mjollnir, don’t try to weasel out of it.

You otter know better :wink:

You guys have got the wrong family - lemmings are rodents.

But you should’ve known they wouldn’t do it of their own vole-ition.

[attempting to be clever]
Yeah and you guys should know not to monkey around like that.
[/attempting to be clever]

Oh rats, why did I open this thread???

now, that’s not very mice of you. You rodent want some one to be mean to you, right? I mouse leave now, but may be rat back, if I’m capabara of it.

You dirty dog!

Yabob is right - lemmings are stoatally different

I really don’t gopher this kind of Mickey Mouse thread. It’s just too squirrelly, and not mentally nutria-itious.

there is a book called "How Lemmings Avoid The Rat Race by mike tmouse its a rather large book at over 1000 pages so you might want to use cliff notes

Lemming outta here before I get trapped with these bad puns. Cheese!!