Now talk nice!

Well, it isn’t often that something surprises me after 21 years at the same job, but I just encountered something unlike anything I can recall.

I perform litigation for a governmental agency. In a percentage of our cases, the claimants represent themselves rather than hiring an attorney. As you might imagine, submissions from those pro se claims vary widely in terms of form and content. Generally the courts are quite lenient with regards to such pleadings.

The other day I received a pleading where the individual was apparently upset that some materials had been sent to an incorrect address. It contained such gems as
“I do not live on, nor do I know where the fuck __ Avenue is.”
“…is this a common ploy or just some underhanded horse shit practice …”
“…if they think they are dealing with someone who will buckle under the weight of this kind of oppression, then they are not only sadly mistaken, but they have completely fucked themselves.”

Well, I just skimmed it and calendared my response, but today I receive an order from the court stating "the plaintiff is admonished to cease using vulgar language in filings in this case."

So, just in case any of you were wondering, if you are trying to figure out how to get on the good side of a federal judge, dropping f-bombs may not be the route to choose. (I think I might have a chance of winning this case! Fuckin A!)

Anyone got any other stories about profanity in the workplace?

This thread makes me remember a deposition I was reading one day. It was a witness describing working with our plaintiff client, and our client was an A number one SOB.

Q: Would you describe the plaintiff as irascible or difficult to work with?
A: No, I’d say he was an asshole.

This player is mad and starts saying using the F-word in colorful and expressive ways. I tell him to please watch his language. He smarts off to me “What? You’ve never heard that word before?” I respond, “I’ve heard it, said it, done it and enjoyed it, but you can’t say it at my table.” I won that round. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: