Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter - now the Pit edition

As everyone has been talking about Twitter, Tesla, and Space-X, you forgot about the Boring Company! Remember the Boring Company? Hello?

Well, here’s your update:

I’ve been using Twitter (I mostly just read it) and I haven’t seen any actual changes so far. Fewer M&M ads, I guess? Seems stable and I’m not getting porn and fascism in my feed.

Have people experienced crashes or other bad stuff yet? Is it like Wile E. Coyote, running off a cliff and doing fine until he looks down?

Well, there’s the fact that the Chinese government has been spamming Twitter for days now with apparently no response from anyone who’s still employed.

I guess I have my Twitter feed locked down well enough or something. Sadly(?), I haven’t been the recipient of Chinese pornographic spam there.

In case you don’t follow every thread on this board… I’ve created a new breaking news thread in MPSIMS, for those who mostly want to follow what’s happening with Twitter. Strong opinions should stay in this thread, but news and experiences can go here:

A racist Afrikaner? Unheard of.


What I love about the Boring Company is Musk “invented” the subway, but worse.

Yeah, he’s a real genius.

Musk is an English South African, not an Afrikaner.

A racist English South African? Unheard of.


Coke supporting an outspoken NAZI political activist? Why, it’s not even the first time this week!

< Cue Some Gibberish Don Jr Video >

It occurs to me that I should say this publicly as well. Thank you for that. The linked thread above alleviates my previous concerns about the Pit move.

I like the idea of a place where we can actually respond back to those who want to lionize Musk, but not having to read that thread just to keep up. And it’s definitely better than checking out the relevant hashtags on Twitter itself. My “for you” feed seems to prioritize making me angry, so that I engage more.

It should not be surprising that the right has almost as tenuous a grasp of political ideology and economics as they do of reality— the whole corporate communism idea is pretty stupid/funny

“Free speech” = I get to say what I want and everybody else gets to respond the way I want them to.

See? That’s not too hard to understand.

What’s hard to understand is how someone with a 4yo’s understanding of human behavior got to be in charge of anything. Or how it is that hundreds of millions of people seem to accept this 4yo “logic” as long as it’s in support of them, but not when it’s deployed against them.

Criticism of free speech is not suppression of free speech. Suppression of criticism is not free speech.

Hmmm … I’ve heard Trump described as having the maturity of a six-year-old. Are you implying that Trump is more mature than Musk? By the equivalent of two years of toddler-stage development? :grin:

Also, “Free Speech” = We must allow foreign agents to post lies in social media to subvert democratic elections because freedom, but also we must forbid private companies from pulling their advertising, because that’s socialism.

Oh, but that’s what the mouth-breathers think it is.

What they really want is “consequence-free speech”

Exactly, which is why they lie about being pro-free speech as they strive to suppress criticism.