Now that Musk bought Twitter -- Breaking News only

Toaster ovens? I’ve been working in offices since 1989. I’ve never seen a toaster oven, only microwave ovens.

Yep! In the main break room we have two microwaves, an air fryer, and I think there’s still a small toaster oven.

This could well cost Twitter more in user loss (and corresponding advertising loss) than what it gains in additional income.

Yeah, that seems short sighted

If you start from the idea that any revenue made by others in your “ecosystem” is revenue that you should be capturing for yourself, then raiding that ecosystem for successful ideas followed killing / starving what’s left makes eminent sense.

In essence it’s what YouTube did to small content creators. The minnows aren’t worth the cost to service them. They may have been essential to carry you from start-up to behemoth, but now they can be jettisoned just like tycoons jettison their college-era wife for their I’m rich now trophy wife.

it’s all about monopolist behavior and the closely related ego-centrism.

The establishment of a captive user pool through attractive service which is then bled for money has been labeled “enshittification” in this excellent article. It’s specifically about TikTok but the premise is eminently portable.

It’s the old vulture-capitalist playbook adapted for the service economy. The vulture extracts maximum profit from every valuable asset. A user base is just another asset to exploit until it’s valueless.

The Chief Twit has made the calculation that there’s no getting back the initial investment, so extracting maximum value is the goal.

Pure genius in every sentence. Thank you; you’ve made my day in terms of learning.

Now to figure out how to avoid killing myself (j/k) over the evident enshittification of US politics via a very similar bi-directional co-dependent mechanism where the middleman/men are cleaning up monetarily while rapidly filling the stables with shit piled to the rafters.

That is indeed an excellent article: I learned a lot, enjoyed it, and want to cry all at the same time.

I had the same reaction. I was surprised to see it was by Cory Doctorow, a futurist I respect.

+1 on the article … very insightful and entertaining read.

Here’s a link to the original

Wired is reprinting it under a creative Commons license, but wired says I’ve read too many articles this month, and wine let me read this one. If anyone else is having that problem, this link ought to work.

In an interesting coincidence, Doctorow’s blog post for today is also on enshittification: Netflix wants to chop down your family tree (02 Feb 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Well worth a read even though it has nothing directly to do with Musk / Twitter.

Except to discuss where all tech entrepreneurs / businesses currently want to go: Walled gardens where they can be the price-gouging toll booth for anyone or anything that goes in or out. And where they can prevent other walled gardens from springing up in the same product space.

Musk might be failing / flailing right now in his attempt to turn Twitter into one such walled garden. But I have little doubt he’s imagining some variation on that theme.