Now that we've got advanced CGI they should make...

This thread was inspired by my reading that James Cameron had wanted to make Avatar ten years ago, but the graphics technology just wasn’t up to it at the time. I then had a brainstorm for a remake that absolutely cries out to made in CGI: They should remake- <roll drum>

Fantastic Planet.

Ringworld. They could do justice to the Ringworld, Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals.

The War Against the Chtorr. Lots of weird plants, lots of weird animals, lots of impressive military hardware, and the odd nuclear explosion.

I’d watch it.

I reckon a fully-CGI discworld would be good fun.

I’ve said it before about this, and I think that this is the only book about which I’ll ever say it: Ringworld would be an amazing movie, if they just ignore the plot.

CGI environments still look fake.

My first instinct when having this discussion with friends is to say The Clash of the Titans, but now that it’s becoming a reality I’m a little sad. In retrospect, any new CGI version of this movie would be hard pressed to overwhelm the nostalgia I feel for the cheesy Harryhausenness of the original.

I would, however, like to finally see an epic trilogy( ala LOTR) of The Dragonlance Chronicles.

I’ld also love to see a movie based on the Grimjack comics, so long as somewhere in the movie there is a obscenely bombastic rendering of the concert in Ragnarock and Roll issue.

I want to see A River Runs Through It done right, with mecha and universe-shredding singularities.

They are going to do Fantastic Planet:

There’s a remake of Fantastic Voyage in development, supposedly scheduled for 2010, and that’s the one I’d love to see.

All Rishathra All The Time?

No, that wasn’t until the sequels. I mean, just the whole grandeur and splendor of this huge, made thing. With an epic classical score.

A sequel to Tommy Boy. You know Spade would do it!

The cut-out animation is the best thing about Fantastic Planet, man.

A Warhammer 40,000 universe movie would rock. Like a Horus Heresy trilogy or something. Space Marines, deamons, Primarchs, aliens, it would be bad ass.

(They are making a full cgi 40k movie about Ultramarines but I want a big budget, live action one.)

[quote=“Musky_Moon, post:7, topic:519037”]

I would, however, like to finally see an epic trilogy( ala LOTR) of The Dragonlance Chronicles.QUOTE]


This is my favorite fantasy series ever, including LOTR. I’m actually kind of glad they’ve held off because it’s only now that the CGI is good enough to pull off an entire war of dragons. I hope they do it within my lifetime.

They’ve already done individual dragons, and a few thousand dragons onscreen at once would have to be a lot easier than an individual dragon. You don’t need individual detail, just realistic flock behavior, and you could do that by modeling them as boids.

I’m with you 100%. Two words: Armoured Company.

John Carter of Mars series

You may already know this, but they are currently working on a Live Action version of this directed by Andrew Stanton (pixar) and written by Himself and Michael Chabon (the good Spiderman movie).

Note: It is produced by Pixar and Disney but it IS a live action movie.