Now that's an accurate throw!

Here’s a video of a camera drone getting taken down by a thrown spear. I recommend viewing the video with the sound muted.

Why the fuck would anyone do that?

Why would anyone do what? Throw a spear? Fly a drone? Mute the sound?

Looks like a typical renaissance festival activity, and a buzzing drone would certainly bring you out of the revelry of living in the past. Maybe if the disguised it as a fairy or a dragon…

It’s like camping in the wilderness. It’s all great and peaceful and tranquil until some bozo shows up with a portable boombox and plays country music all night long. You don’t get to decide that you can interrupt what makes special places special.

A couple of years ago, we sailed into a marina and got a slip for the night. It was a beautiful, quiet spot on the Chesapeake and my wife and I were looking forward to a peaceful sunset with dinner and drinks on the deck. Just as we were settling in over a glass of wine, some jackass in a powerboat motored into a slip almost directly across from us and proceeded to crank up his dumbass stereo, playing some typical “lost my dog, lost my truck, you broke my heart you cheating whore” country song on an endless loop while he sat drinking beer after beer. I was going to go over and ask him nicely to fuck off but my wife insisted that I wait until he falls overboard and drowns before going over to turn off the music.

I fucking wish I had a spear.

Because they didn’t have an eagle.

That was a piss-poor excuse for a throw.

It did not spear the thing - if it had been thrown properly, it would have missed - it was only because of the sloppiness of the throw that the shaft of the spear hit the target.

Still, I would have purchased the finest mead in all the Kingdom for the Mighty Throwere!

It’s a pretty large target.

no no, you slip into the water, swim beneath the surface over to his boat, and pull out his hull plug.

because a lot of these “drone” pilots are incredibly rude and intrusive. many of us in established, sanctioned R/C clubs hate these people because they give all of us a bad name.

That’s what I was thinking – it would’ve been *** really *** cool if, on the video, you had seen the spear point coming right at you and then – lights out!

Looked like that spear was pretty heavy, though. Is there one kind of spear for close combat (like a pike?) and another kind for throwing?

Pretty sure he explained it as, “Thou art vanquished, flying demon!!”