Now that's more like it: Riders over BC in overtime

As I posted in an earlier thread a month ago, as a Rider fan one is contented with ekeing out a win in the last few minutes (if not seconds) of a game, rather than having the Riders completely dominating the other side. That’s just the way life is in Riderville.

Well, that 51-8 shellacking of the Ti-Cats is but a memory, and things are back to normal, as shown by today’s game against the league-leading BC Lions. Game tied at 10-10 in the fourth quarter, with the Riders not having scored a touchdown. That’s normal. :frowning:

Then, with just over a minute to go, QB Kerry Joseph is running for the end-zone, with the ball! Of course, he fumbles :eek: and the ball bounces into the end-zone. SOP.

But wait! Andy Fantuz for the Riders jumps on the bouncing ball! :stuck_out_tongue: A TD, with less than a minute! Great rejoicing in Riderville! Up 17-10! :smiley:

Until BC marches it down for a TD, tying the game up. :smack: Into the overtime.

Riders fail to score even a lousy field goal on their first possesion in the overtime. :mad:

Then kicker Paul McCallum chokes as usual on his attempt at a single - again, SOP :mad: … but wait! Paul’s in orange now! He’s playing for the Lions! He just choked against us, not with us! :smiley: We’ll get another chance in the second OT half.

But first, the Lions have their next possession, and this time Paul scores a field goal. :smack: 20-17, Lions. As usual, the Riders seem to have frittered it away. :rolleyes:

But then Joseph, in a pass to Yo Murphy, gets the ball to the 10 - and then on the next play tosses a bootleg - all Rider fans hold their collective breath - and it’s Fantuz again in the end zone!

Pandemonium in Riderville!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Final score: 23-20, Riders over BC, on the last play of overtime. Now that’s more like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

How did they get 10 points without a touchdown? Two field goals and two safeties (which seems unlikely)? Or five safeties (which seems VERY unlikely)? Or–please pardon my ignorance–is there some other way to score points in Canadian football that I don’t know about?

In Canadian rules, any time the ball is kicked into or through the endzone and not carried back out a single point is scored (remember that the endzone is 20 yards deep, so it’s not as easy to kick it through as in US rules). I didn’t see much of the game, but I presume there was a single in there somewhere.

See here for scoring details.

In the second quarter, Saskatchewan scored a safety for 2 points, and a single for 1. End of the half, BC was up 10-3.

In the third quarter, Saskatchewan scored two field goals @ 3 pts, plus a single, so the score was 10 all.