Now the Republicans are going after Public Broadcast Funding

I can’t fucking believe it. Now I know I should be able to believe it, because there is nothing this Congress does that should surprise me, but this is just going too far. [Congress has voted to eliminate 25% of the funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)]( /url) It also voted to totally eliminate funding by the year 2008.

Now I realize that the right wing media drone has fed it to the masses that PBS and NPR lean left, but look motherfuckers, just because they don’t lean in your direction, doesn’t mean they lean in other.

These are the only two news outlets I can stomach at all anymore. I can’t stand hearing people talk all over each other. I like to hear both sides of a story in a civil manner. Newshour with Jim Lehrer is the only news program on which I can stand to hear any commentary. PBS is the only place I can watch things like debates, party conferences, and election coverage. NPR is my drive-time station. No stupid DJs, no high-jinx, no bad music. Public Broadcasting is the only outlet for international news. It’s amazing how little international news is found in the American media today.

And I haven’t even mentioned the non-news programming. Isn’t it nice that there is still one media outlet that has children’s programming without cereal and toy commercials tied in? Isn’t it nice that you can still find quality science programming like Rough Science, and Nova? Isn’t it nice that there is an outlet for Britcoms, and Red Green?

I know that folks begrudge tax pay funding of NPR, but dammit can’t we just have something good in this country, just because it’s good? Can’t we have funding for quality programming without commercials, just because it’s the right thing to do? I am a member of the local PBS/NPR station but I don’t want to increase the funding drives, and decrease the programming, just because some Right Wingers have and ax to grind.

And I haven’t even mentioned that they want to put a former co-chair of the RNC in charge of CPB. This after they placed Tomlinson as chair, and he has declared they need more right wing programming.

Find the money somewhere else fuckers, I want my CPB!

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So pay for it yourself.


During the next pledge drive, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to give them more money. Then again, why wait? Send in a cheque today.

I love PBS programming, too, but am not under the dilusion that other people should pay for my entertainment or education.

Well, PBS is about the only source of non right-wing controlled news that is widespread to be a problem for the righties, so of course they’re going after it.

It’s my understanding that the funding for PBS from CPB is just 10 percent of their total budget – the vast majority of it comes from payments from member stations for their programming. I.e., from local viewers and listeners. So I say PBS should cut loose from the CPB and all government money and then go HARD LEFT and GIVE THE FUCKING PUBBIES UNRELENTING HELL!!!

It would serve them right.

Great idea, EC. I’m sure their pledge dollars would soar. :rolleyes:

That’s “delusion” John. Maybe someone else SHOULD have paid for it. I guess you’re for ending all that corporate welfare and going after corporations with great vigor to make sure they pay their taxes, too. 'Cause they’re riding on your back much more than PBS is. Except … aren’t you in Canada?

Sesame Street sure would change…

Today’s letter is the letter R. R is for…revolution.

I support PBS. Nova, Frontline, American Experience, and Antiques Roadshow are among my favorite programs on all TV. I also have to pay to get PBS over Direct TV.

I like it, I support it.

This is a principled position. Would that we could all choose whether to support PBS, or not.


I am.

Nope. California.

But let’s get real. Does anyone doubt that PBS’s viewing audience is skewed toward the upper income brackets? Maybe that’s self-fulfilling because they are largely viewer funded, but I don’t see any reason that average Americans should subsidize rich folks so they can watch Masterpiece Theater and other PBS faire.

Is it too much to ask that you get your facts straight before opening your yap?

From the article - in the first fucking sentence:

A previous plan to strip the CPB of all public funding by 2008 was reversed. This fact is reiterated with more detail in the the sixth paragraph. How you missed this twice is unclear.

You might also wanna make mention of the fact that this was only a House committee vote, not a vote of the House as a whole, or the Senate. You post seems to imply otherwise.

You have to admit though, that PBS shows are pretty leftist. I mean, Nova claims that the earth is billions of years old - and that life evolved to boot! You can’t expect conservatives to take that lying down.

I do support PBS. I have a bag to prove it. What do you say to me, John, when I say that this legislation is a piece of shit that will kill public television. What is the reasoning behind it? To save money? All us Americans are educated enough so we really don’t need educational television any more? Bert and Ernie are advocating an evil lifestyle?

This is pure, unadulterated shit that Congress is dishing out. And the coprophagous Republicans on this board sicken me more and more with each passing day.

I wonder how much of PBS’s funding comes from the licensing of Sesame Street characters, Barney, Wishbone, etc., to toy companies, children’s book publishers, etc… I would guess that it’s quite substantial.

If that’s the case, then expect to see an explosion of Bill Moyer action figures, Are You Being Served? Grace Brothers Playsets and This Old Barbie Dreamhouse tie-ins hitting the market when the funding cuts go into place.

Those fucking bastards. What the hell is their rationale for continuing to mug us for three more years?

Would that we could all choose to support the fucking war in Iraq, or not. In our system of government, sometimes we have to pay for things other people want. Get over it.

I’ll agree that this is more political (probably much more) than fiscal responsibility, Biggirl. But it’s still the right decision, or at least a decision in the right direction. And this is, after all, a democracy and Pubs are in power right now.

But there are so many optoins for TV viewers these days, it’s hard to justify a need for PBS funding by the government. I give PBS lots of money, too, because I value the programming. I like it, and I’m willing to pay for it.

And sometimes, in our system, the voters (or their representatives) decide to stop funding stuff. Get over it.