Now they are trying to poison me!

At 4:00AM I get the first Extra-Strength Tylenol 500mg of four that I get per 24 hour period to control pain in my knees. A pathetic under dosing, but no worries for my liver. I inspect every little cup of meds they give me because I don’t trust them. Today instead of a big, round tablet there was a small, oblong tablet. I asked, “What’s that?”

“Your Tylenol. I guess it’s a different brand.”

“There’s no way that weighs half a gram.”

“I’ll check the bottle.”

She hands me the bottle, “They’re all the same. I looked them up. It’s Imodium, an anti-diarrheal.”

What the fuckity fuck? How many patients are in pain and constipated because of this screw up? How many more serious drugs have been decanted into the wrong bottle? This is at the Report it to the State level as dangerous incompetence. I may be going home early because this dump has been shut down.

Holy Smoke! Your posts make me all the more resolved to find a way to kill myself before I need that much care.

Yeah, but Beckdawrek and I are turning MPSIMS into The drop and Beck Show.


Well, behind heart disease and cancer, the health care system is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

** It’s a statistical fact. **

What patients can do to protect themselves.

  2. Keep something handy, like a phone or tablet, to look stuff up.
  3. Record the incident immediately.
  4. Have the administrator on speed dial.

If we, as mentally competent patients, are wary we help protect the senile old dears from medical crimes.

What have you done so far? What have they done in response? What did the nurse do after you showed her the bottle was Immodium?

What the f***! That’s horrible. Can you get out of there?

I have a call in to the administrator.

Nurse put the bottle aside and got a bottle of real Tylenol. I did not retain the evidence, though I should have. Mea culpa, but it was 4:15am.

As I explained elsewhere, I’m riding this out until I can leave on my terms.

I used to wonder why there were so many ads for nursing home abuse lawyers on daytime TV. Now I know and I may drop that my brother is a personal injury lawyer. I may not mention he’s in Seattle and usually represents management, but he’s taken depositions here and could probably name someone halfway competent from the other side. I just need to establish a tort because I don’t think catching the wrong drug before I took it counts.

Holy crap, Batman. You sure you don’t want me to come break you out, Clyde?

No, Bonnie. I got this. And have you ever left Arkansas?

Yes. I have actually been to Chicago twice. Well, O’hare airport. But I looked out the window alot.:wink:

Nothing from the admin.

At first I misread that as “I have accidentally been to Chicago twice.”

Those would’ve been Beck’s Bad Bad Bad Visits to Chicago.

I may, if I dig deep, have another visit to Chicago in me. Don’t dare me.:wink:

As bad as getting Imodium instead of Tylenol is, somewhere there’s an old fart with diarrhea shitting out their from a Tylenol overdose, so you see; it could have been worse.

Yeah, it’s all very funny until some elderly patient gets Tylenol instead of her heart medicine and dies. I’ll try the admin again tomorrow.