Now this dude is an artist.

If I didn’t know it wasn’t a photograph, I never wouldn’t have thought of doubting. Looking in the greatest detail I can see how the hair to the right looks unreal against the green, but absolutely amazing. The fact he does it with pens makes it seem like he is capable of doing photo realistic pixel-by-pixel printing by mind and hand.

Wow. I’ve inked other people’s drawings using Bics, and only after doing it discovered that you’re not supposed to (from a professional inker who blurted out “you’ve done this in ballpoint?”) but those two are amazing.

Wasn’t there another Russian (I think) artist several years ago who did super realistic drawings that were almost too photographic to be believed?

Here’s the drawing and the original photo side by side

Here’s another artist named Paul Cadden that does similar drawings.

That is amazing. What is more amazing is that while looking at it at a larger scale they are “the same”. But if you look more carefully at the details, they are not that close, but they are “artistically close”. Or, in other words it IS NOT an attempt to recreate pixel by pixel the photo.

You’re right, the chin is noticeably flatter in the drawing.

Look at the hair above the subjects right eye (left on the image). And especially the thin hair “loops” on the subject left (right on the image). Visually very similiar, but from a “copy this mechanically” point of view not even close.

The byline suggests we won’t believe it. It looks like a drawing right away, especially around the eyes. I’ve heard of ballpoint art, but it still gives me admiration, especially since it’s hard to write with those things. It gives me a chuckle to imagine a lawyer-artist.

What’s strange is I just discovered this artist a couple of days ago myself. Amazing! I’ve done similar stuff with India ink but much bigger, which is much easier. The most incredible thing is how small Samuel Silva works. Here’s another ball point artist. Juan Francisco Casas. Also amazing but notice how big he works.

My neighbor does this in black and white. Results are even better. I saw 3 pieces and asked her when she started doing photography. She told me to look closer. I was stunned! I don’t know if she uses ballpoints however.

This is a youtube video of still life pencil drawings by my partner’s sister-in-law, who’s Greek. She had an exhibition of them in Athens recently.
The music is composed and played by her husband (my partner’s brother) It’s a beautiful and relaxing seven minutes.

Then there is Miguel Endara who does sort of the same thing but using ink dots: The making of Hero - a portrait of his father.

I may not be popular for saying this: I think this guy is very technically skilled, however I don’t think reproducing a photo is art. Very cool, though.:slight_smile:

Not to impugn your popularity by questioning you, but, why not? If I look at a tree and then paint what I see, that can be art, but if you paint what you see in my painting, it isn’t?

I think it’s art, but not particularly GREAT art, not is he a particularly great artist. He’s incredibly skilled though, and the pictures are neat. Not bad, but not life changing (for me). To each their own though!

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I appreciate artistic style, unique to every artist. But a photo is a photo and a painting that’s indistinguishable from a photo seems unnecessary to me. (I also don’t like super realistic paintings either, although I do have a soft spot for Richard Estes, who does super realistic paintings of layers of reflection in building windows. I think those paintings kind of see beyond the realism.)

It’s a full-fledged art movement. That said, the artists usually take the photos themselves.

I don’t have a link to his picture, but a student at our school entered the art contest last year and I was on the judging committee.

He had a picture of the face of a very old Asian man.

I noticed he wasn’t getting many votes and said, “Gee, what is wrong with you people?!”

One of the judges said, “It’s a great photo, but some of these other works are better.”

I said, “Look closer - it is not a photo, that is a charcoal sketch!”

Once they realized it was not a photo, they were blown away by the detail and quality.
He won. By landslide vote.

Is this guy an artist, or an illustrator?

Apparently there are those of the opinion that Norman Rockwell was not an artist, as discussed in this thread.

How would these people wielding their Papermates compare/contrast, in that discussion?