Now this is a strange Captcha!

I know that it is only random what words show up, but this is what I got for a captcha today on a form!

I like how it looks like a patriotic banner!!

Funny thing is I am rather left wing & Canadian to boot!

So you need to write “Palin”?

Let me guess. ‘Obama’ wouldn’t work?

I think Sarah is more of a mess than a messiah. In NY’s 23rd district her divine intervention succeeded in electing a Democrat for the first time in a century.

Not always.

I don’t really understand this - if computers are unable to decipher the words, wouldn’t they need to be previously deciphered by a human so they could be used as means of authentication?

I wondered that too, but the WP article cleared it up somewhat.

For example, lets say our captcha words for the day are “vegetable” and “horse”. Horse has already been verified by humans as one that works, but vegetable is there because the OCR can’t read it, and is relying on captchers to do it for them. Now, if one of the words they enter with the vegetable-horse pair is “horse”, chances are the other word they enter is what that mysterious word is supposed to be. If most of them say the mysterious word is “vegetable”, then they’ve found what the mysterious word is, and it becomes verified, and thus goes in the pool as a potential “control” word (like “horse” is).

Not 100% accurate, but seems to be working for them. Now that I know this, of course, I’m tempted to figure out which one of the two is the “control” word and mess with Captcha on the other one. Something along the lines of the MPFC “Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook” skit.

Yes, I’m evil. :slight_smile: