Now Voyager How does it end?

I DVRed Now Voyager the other night. It was coming on just as I was going to bed so I just hit record and went to bed.

I think it cut off about the last five minutes.

Bette Davis had meet and taken care of the little girl. When it cut off Paul Henreid and Claude Reins had just shown up at Bette’s house. (her mother had passed away) Anyway, they look up and see Bette Davis and and the little girl and Bette tells her to walk down the stairs slowly. Then it cut off.

My guess is that the little girl trips and falls down the stairs and dies and Bette Davie and Paul Henreid don’t live happily ever after. But I could be wrong.

I’ve seen this movie several times and I can’t remember how it ends! But I’m pretty sure your guess is wrong. From what I recall, nothing bad happens to the little girl.

Okay, here’s the ending: Now Voyager ending - Bette Davis video - Fanpop