Now we are shutting down the internet in other countries??

We are going a bit to far.

Will ours be next?

“Its international telephone service was then shut down when its international gateway - run jointly by AT&T and British Telecom - was also cut off.” Seems it could get another “gateway?”

Our government, specifically the intelligence, law enforcement and military arms, claim to have evidence that Al Qaeda has ties within Somalia.
From various sources on the Web:

“US intelligence officials believe that Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organisation may be moving its operations base out of Afghanistan to Somalia in Africa. Bin Laden may also be planning to follow.”

“One of the principal goals of Al Qaeda was to drive the United States armed forces out of Saudi Arabia (and elsewhere on the Saudi Arabian peninsula) and Somalia by violence.”

“Al Qaeda has forged alliances with like-minded fundamentalist groups such as Egypt’s Al Jihad, Iran’s Hezbollah, Sudan’s National Islamic Front, and jihad groups in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia, according to the U.S. government.”

“…charges that the named individuals conspired to conduct acts of terrorism against US interests as members of the terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, UBL’s organization. These acts of terrorism include the bombing of the US embassies; the killing of US military personnel on October 3, 1993, in Somalia; the recruitment of US citizens to commit acts of terrorism; the shipment of weapons and explosives to Saudi Arabia; and efforts to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).”

Those are just a few examples.

Our government is waging a war against Al Qaeda, those that would support them and other terrorist groups that present a clear and present danger to the security and safety of the United States and its allies. Support for Al Qaeda is world-wide, stretching from the U.S. to the Phillipines and points between. Somalia, if the gathered intelligence is to be believed, is a sponsor and harbourer of Al Qaeda terrorists and possibly others. The Somali people are in a similar situation as the Afghani people - that is, terrorists live, work and operate amongst the general population. This is a de facto hostage situation. The mostly innocent Somali people, like the Afghanis, are being used as a shield.
Even so, and as difficult as it may be, the resources of support for Al Qaeda and other terrorists must be rooted out and destroyed. This is a strategic reality. It is a harsh reality and seemingly unfair. If left alone, Somalia could become another Afghanistan. Somalia is already run by despotic factions. Order is brought at the point of a gun.

Are we next? Our country is and has been under surveillance. The recent Anti-Terrorism Law allows law enforcement agencies more latitude in how they gather evidence, track suspects and what they can do once a suspect is caught. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies can now wire tap without a judge’s approval and they want to useCarnivore to track Internet communication.

Am I in favor of these tactics to reach our goals? Yes. Do I like it? No. But I don’t like bombs, killing, acts of violence or warfare, in general, either. At some point, we all have to come to terms with what we are fighting, why we are fighting, what the costs will be and what the aftermath will bring. Since you and I are not the ones doing the actual fighting (just paying for it), we have to stay vigilant and watch the watchers to make sure we stay on a proper course.