Now we are Six.

Oops, we did it again. Meet Brindle. Somebody just dumped her off a few weeks ago. She moved right in with the outdoor cats, but became insistent on coming inside with us and joining the household. So yesterday she went to the vet, got shots and a check-up, and has settled right in. The other three cats are amused, indifferent and terrified. Caelan (aka The Monster) was getting used to dominating the girls. Brindle is having none of that. He charges her and she doesn’t even flinch. He doesn’t know how to handle being ignored, and it’s driving him crazy! :smiley:

Last adoptee, I promise.

Until we move to a bigger house.

What a pretty girl! I hope she knows she lucky to have you.

But if I know cats, she’ll act like you’re lucky she’s allowing you in her presence.

She looks like my Featheroni-baloney (a dilute calico). Feather’s a very good kitty; her calico diva tendencies are also diluted. :slight_smile:


I fear you have achieved Critical Cat Mass.

This happens when you have enough cats in a house that the aroma of happy, contented cats drifts on the wind…and other cats that find themselves homeless and/or dumped will smell the Critical Cat Mass.

They will then go and FIND this place where the smell of Happy Cat emanates, so that they too can be a Happy Cat.

You had better be spay/neuter fanatics like we are.

This weekend, one of the errands I have is to get with a local adoption agency and talk about putting our latest rescue kitten out at a Petco on the weekends. I rescued him from 60 feet in the air up a freeway interchange ramp. He’ll need a costly trip to the vet first.:smack: He’ll be # 7 if we get stuck keeping him.

She looks like my Muffins(she makes muffins of happiness a lot) and our Gracie(who is a bit wildish). Two look-alikes, but almost polar opposites in temperament.

Cute. :slight_smile:

What a pretty kitty!

She’s lovely! I’ve a stray cat hanging around on the front porch, very skittish, and dad’s cat Tommy is a mean beast, so no hope of adopting the stray. I feel horrible, I would love to take this kitty in, but I can’t see it happening. Enjoy your new kitty overlord.

That’s a really pretty cat. I want her!

Four cats doesn’t seem like enough. I bet you don’t even have toxoplasmosis yet…

Oooh, dilute tortie! Pretty girl.

She’s beautiful!

We’ve acheived critical cat mass. We have one. That’s enough. And one very hyper dog. Are you familiar with the Looney Tunes cartoons with Claude the cat and the little brown puppy that sneaks up behind Claude and barks and makes Claude cling to the ceiling? Yup. That’s us.

Pretty kitty!

Adorable! What a cutie. It is clear why you could not resist her.